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Born Matthew Wright on February 29th, 1940 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Matthew was the first born twin preceding his brother Michael by 15 minutes. Growing up we were inseparable, never far from each other's side, up until that fateful day in April. On April 13, 1990 on a Friday afternoon, Michael went missing. We had been walking home from the bus stop, and were taking a short-cut through the woods near our house. Michael of course had run ahead of me, always wanting to be first. The woods got eerily quiet and I couldn't hear Michael laughing or thrashing through the bushes anymore. I called out his name but got no answer. I ran home as fast as I could, terror lending me speed. Michael wasn't home. It was the first time I had beaten him home. I was terrified and ran sobbing to my mom. She immediately called her friends and my father and then went into the woods to try and find Michael. It was the worst night of my life, and it stretched into the longest months in my memory. My grandfather came from Ireland to stay with us during the time, and he seemed resigned. Like this had happened before. Life was different after that. Dad was broken, mom was strong but became very protective of me. I remember that day vividly, it has been etched into my mind, and there is one detail that I just can't seem to get the details for, I remember seeing a strange figure earlier that day at school. Hanging out around the school yard at recess and lunch, but none of the other kids or adults paid any attention to him. I remember Michael saw him too, and we kept looking for places where he couldn't watch us. For some reason I could never speak about it to any of the adults, some fear kept me from mentioning it. The only person I told was Kathryn Hutchenson, the girl who became my best friend. Later on as an adult I told one other person, and that wound up destroying a friendship, so I haven't told anyone else since.

Life after Michael was taken from up was much different. With the exception of Kathryn I withdrew from all my peers, I began studying a lot at the library, the section on supernatural and occult. I was labeled the weird kid, but they mostly left me alone because of Michael's disappearance. After eventually graduating high school, I helped my mom for a bit in her law office before I decided to go to university. That's when I saw it again. The figure from my childhood. I'd see him outside the law offices, at the grocery, and across the street from our home. It never approached, just watched. To this day I cannot recall what it looked like. I just knew it was the same thing from back then. And somehow I knew it was responsible for Michael's disappearance. That's when I decided to move to California, and go to university at Berkley. So in June of 1961, I packed up my life and moved to Berkeley, California to go to UC Berekeley. I studied Business Administration and Religious Studies, getting a double major in both. It was at this time that I met Paul Wilson. I had know for a long time that I was gay, but also quite aware that it wasn't okay to be gay in New Hampshire, so I focused on school. Paul changed all that. He taught me many things about love between two men, and for a while we lived together. To the outside world we were "Roommates" but to our friends in college, they knew better, they all knew we shared a 1 bedroom apartment. It was around this time, after we had graduated and were looking to our future that I saw it again. Outside our apartment, then at the school library where I was working part time, then at the club Paul and I went to on occasion. I was shaken. I thought I had left it behind in Manchester. It had followed me. After a few days of glimpses I finally told Paul about it. He didn't believe me, he thought I was making it up, or that I was high, it created tension between us. Eventually it was too much for Paul, and he left and moved into San Francisco. So it was in April of 1967 I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to start my life over. Again.

In New Orleans I got a job in a esoteric bookstore run by a man named Bruce Whitechurch who claimed to be related through his first cousin's husband's sister to Marie Laveau. It was good for business, even if he was a fraud. I learned a lot from him about how to run a bookstore, and even began managing it while he was off "communing with the spirits", those spirits being Jack Daniels and Jim Bean. That was when I had my second brush with the supernatural world. One which haunts me to this day. A couple years after I had started working there we started getting a patron who gave me a bad feeling. Every time she looked at me, it was like she knew something about me that I didn't know, and it scared me. I knew from the first time I met her, she was a predator and she was on the hunt. While fascinated with me, she focused much more of her attention to Bruce, and I knew she had picked her target. I didn't know when or how she was going to strike, but I knew he was a dead man. I couldn't face it. I couldn't warn him. So I ran. I hired my replacement that day, packed up my car and drove to Portland. Only stopping long enough to get gas. I found out after arriving in Portland that the man had apparently died in a bizarre animal attack, I never learned the details.

Once in Portland I established myself and opened Apollo's Athenaeum. I've been running the store for about 5 years now and have begun to form new friendships with the people I encounter both in the apartments above and in my store.

The Family Curse
Every Generation has a set of twins born, the second child always goes missing by age 11. The pattern alternates gender every generation.
Matthew's Great Grandmother and her lost Sister, mother of:
Matthews's Grandfather and his lost Brother, father of:
Karen Mallon and her lost Sister Kaitlyn, mother of:
Matthew Wright and his lost brother Michael.

Matthew is the end of the cursed line.