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Bory son of Bory (who was also the son of Bory) and Anil was born as one of the Free Folk north of the Wall. Like his father, he was a hunter and a raider and had been involved in a number of successful raids south of the Wall in his life. He took as woods witch named Ena as his wife, though it was well known that it was she who actually did the taking. On one of his raids he stole them a raven haired daughter and they named her Cailean. Soon after Ena gave him a son, Colm, followed by another daughter, Maeryn and another son named Regan with yet another child on the way. They lived a fairly good life, though strange rumors began to reach them regarding free folk villages vanishing and that many of the folk were moving. And worse stories. Old stories. Upon having a vision, Ena stated that they had to leave immediately or else they and their children's lives would be lost. She tried to convince their small village, but it fell upon deaf ears, but Bory listened to his wife as he knew that she had the sight; the Old Gods had always spoken to her.
They packed very little. She told him that their new life must be beyond the Wall and so they would be able to take next to nothing with them in order to scale and descend the Wall. And so Bory and his family fled the lands of their ancestors. Scaling the Wall was without incident. But during their descent on the other side his daughter Maeryn fell a great distance. Bory and his family continued the descent as quickly as they could safely manage. He found her broken body at the base of the Wall, though through some miracle she still lived. He carried her as they made their way south. Then things grew worse. They heard horses in the woods as they moved; the crows had found them. Bory and his family raced through the forest from their pursuers, but during their flight, his wife Ena took a black fletched arrow shaft through her neck and fell. It was fatal. Ena was dead. His wife and their unborn child she carried had been stolen from him. He wanted to turn around and destroy the "men" who had murdered his wife. To rage and tear them apart and then lie down and die with his wife. But he could not. He had to see his children to safety. He had to see his dear Ena's vision through or else her death would have no meaning and his children would join them in death. He kept them together and eventually they found a small overhang hidden by tree roots where they could hide. The pursuers continued on past them. They remained hidden for a long time until Bory and Cailean crept out and scouted for the riders. She found where some of the riders had turned back to the Wall, but a few had continued on.
Bory and his family warily continued south. They had stopped at a small stream for a brief rest when they were taken by surprise from both ends of the stream. On their side was a hunting party, from the looks of it, they were hunting boar. On the other side of the stream were more crows. A man amongst the boar hunters identified himself as Lord Waldren Wisent and stated that they were all upon his land. The crows identified Bory and his family as savage wildlings and that they be allowed to fulfill their duty and execute them immediately. Lord Waldren seemed...amused? He looked Bory and his children over, riding his horse around them. He whispered something to a man riding next to him. The man dismounted and approached Bory. He pressed a silver coin into his hand and smiled as he returned to his saddle. Then the lord called out to the crows and stated that these were no savages, but paid trackers accompanying him on his hunt and that they were residents of his realm and that what the crows were requesting was little more than seeking permission to murder the people of Wisenwood. He denied them their request and suggested they return to their proper domain before he decided that they were actually trying to defect from their posts, in which case he would be forced to execute them. The crows, very displeased, left. Lord Waldren beamed an enigmatic grin at Bory then rode off with the others in his company leaving them alone at the stream.
Bory and his family fond their way to the outskirts of Palewood. They claimed a small spot of land and built themselves a home, eventually becoming one with the community of Palewood. Bory's skills with the bow quickly earned him a place amongst the Wisent Wise. His son Colm married a kneeler wife named Hedda, built them a home and became a crofter. He eventually gave Bory a granddaughter named Finna. Cailean continued to insist she be allowed to join the Wisent Wise, but they refused her until she eventually married one of their number. With both her father and husband sponsoring her, she was finally allowed to join their number. Maeryn had survived her fall from the Wall, though she would be crippled for the rest of her days, unable to use her legs. She continued to live with her father, always fretting about this or that and taking care of whatever household duties she was capable of. Bory's youngest son, Regan, looked just like his father, but could not be more different. As a child he dreamed of being a knight and living amongst nobles. Then as he grew older, reality settled upon him and he became dour and bitter about his station in life. He blamed his father and all wildlings for his lot in life. Then he was gone. He had left in the night without any word to his father. He told his sister Maeryn that he was leaving and taking the black where his life would be given a purpose and where he could do some good as a brother of the Nights Watch. His son had chosen to become a crow. Bory was confused and angry. His son had chosen to become one of the murderers that had killed his own mother and sought to hunt them down and do the same to the rest of them. "Do some good"...They had murdered his wife. Now they had corrupted and stolen his son. He hoped the Wall would fall over on top of them one day, bury them all alive.
Bory eventually remarried, the miller's youngest daughter Allie. She was kind and rather simple of mind, but she got along well with Maeryn, a skill few people possessed and Maeryn genuinely liked her as well, which was even more rare. She gave him another daughter, Tynan. Through his pay from the Wisent Wise, Bory had been able to purchase security for his remaining family and his children were doing well for themselves, save perhaps for Regan, whom he never spoke of anymore. He knew that the crows severed ties with their family, so Regan was no longer his son. He was a monster cloaked in black now; black wings dipped in blood.
Bory loves his family and tries to do right by them, but he also has needs. Needs his simple wife Allie does not fulfill. Ena had been okay with it, but he doubts Allie would be, so he keeps it a secret from her. He is well acquainted with the ladies of the brothel in Palewood and Wisenwood Town as well as a couple other women in and around the two towns. He does not lie with married women, having only done so once, and that had resulted in enough scandal and strangeness between he and the angry and confused husband to last him a lifetime. He still sees the Palewood blacksmith on occasion for various work that needs to be done, though they exchange little more than awkward pleasantries while avoiding eye contact. If his wife is present she quickly excuses herself and becomes absent - she will probably never get what she walked in on between Bory and her husband out of her mind. While glad that the blacksmith was no longer angry at him for sleeping with his wife, Bory generally tries to take care of his smithing needs when he is in Wisenwood Town.
Bory happily admits that he loves being one of the Wisent Wise. He is proud of his companions and their accomplishments. It means a great deal to him that his daughter is now amongst them and that she is wed to a good man whom he respects from amongst them. He is humble in his skill with the bow, a skill that few men possess and he takes great delight in giving techniques and teaching others as he has taught each of his children capable of wielding the bow (he taught Maeryn how to throw knives instead). He enjoys life, his family, companions and the people of Wisenwood as a whole. He had never met with Lord Waldren again since sparing his family from the crows. He would have liked to, though from what he had heard, the man was mad and that the outcome of their meeting at the stream was probably the madness instead of any sort of kindness. Either way, Bory will always regard the memory of Waldren with amiability and respect, believing that the man, insane or not, had been touched by the will of the Old Gods that day, just as his wife had been, rather than any sort of malady of the mind.
Ena - woods witch wife killed by crows
Cailean - stolen daughter, oldest of his children, member of Wisent Wise & married to one of them as well
Colm - son, crofter, lives in Wisent Wood town with wife, Hedda (one of those Tolbric patronizes for cheese) and daughter Finna
Maeryn - daughter, crippled by fall from wall
Regan - son, joined the crows
Allie - new wife, a bit simple minded
Tynan - youngest daughter born of Allie

Bory of the Wisent Wise


  • Agility - 5; Acrobatics 1B
  • Animal - 2
  • Athletics - 3
  • Awareness - 3
  • Cunning - 1
  • Deception - 3; Bluff 1B
  • Endurance - 4; Stamina 2B
  • Fighting - 3
  • Healing - 2
  • Language - 2
  • Knowledge - 3
  • Marksmanship - 5; Bows 3B
  • Persuasion - 2
  • Status - 2
  • Stealth - 4; Sneak 2B
  • Survival - 3; Track 1B
  • Thievery - 2
  • Warfare - 2
  • Will - 3

Intrigue & Combat

  • Intrigue Defense: 5 (Awareness+Cunning+Status)
  • Composure: 9 (Will Ranks x3)
  • Combat Defense: 10 (Agility+Athletics+Awareness+Defensive Bonus-Armor Penalty)
  • Health: 12 (Endurance Ranks x3)
  • Armor: padded (1)
  • Armor Rating: 1
  • Armor Penalty: 0
  • Weapons
    • Long Bow: Test: Marksmanship, Training: 1B, Damage: Agility+2, Keywords: Long Range, Piercing 1, Two-handed, Unwieldy
    • Handaxe: Test: Fighting, Training: 0, Damage: Athletics-1, Keywords: Defensive +1, Off-hand +1
    • Dagger: Text: Fighting, Training: 0, Damage: Agility-2, Keywords: Defensive +1, Off-hand +1



  • Deadly Shot: All bows and crossbows you wield gain Piercing 1 or increase their existing Piercing quality by 1. In addition, these weapons gain the Vicious quality.
  • Double Shot: As a Greater Action, you may fire two arrows at once. Roll two tests using your full Marksmanship, but take –1D on each test. You may fire the arrows at the same target or at two adjacent targets.
  • Furtive: When testing Stealth to sneak, you may re-roll any 1s. In addition, you may add your Agility rank to Stealth test results when sneaking.

Drawbacks & Flaws

  • Sedentary (Athletics Flaw); Disregard the lowest test die result on Athletics rolls.
  • Wildling (Status flaw); Disregard the lowest test die result on Status rolls.


Possessions: 81 silver stags. Common clothes, traveler's garb, northern garb, boots, long bow, hand axe, dagger, padded armor, backpack, flint & steel, rope, waterskin, whetstone, garron horse.


  • For each scene that you submit to the Narrator that is brought into play, you gain one Destiny Point. This can go above your normal allotment of Destiny Points, but these can only be spent, not burnt. Submit such scenes to the Narrator by email, please.
  • You may also use Destiny Points to "buy in" a character into a scene, editing the scene so that it includes the character.


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Earned: n/a

Spent/Unspent: See Tolbric Advancement Listing

  • Purchased: