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Orphans of the House of the Hidden Face

Waterdeep Magistrate • Influence: Political Leverage
One of the so-called "black robes", Yasolos is a well-respected magistrate. He has a reputation for being somewhat humorless and dreadfully literal, with a distrust of clever wordplay and flourished language. He is extremely well-learned in matters of the law, and respected by his fellow magistrates, even when they find him severe and humorless. Yasolos' wife was saved by the Harpers, and he has been grateful to them ever since. He is happy to help them navigate the difficulties of legal life in Waterdeep, despite the Harpers' reputation for trouble with the law.
Twilight Vaeteru (organization)
Queer Subculture • Influence: Information
An informal but nonetheless tightly-knit community, Waterdeep's vaeterann folk consider the folk of the Dusken Glade to be their own people. By and large, most of them are not aware that the Dusken Glade is made up of Harpers, although some of the elder luminaries of that community certainly are. Funding checks with Twilight Vaeteru usually take the form of big parties and events.