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Geographical Information
Size: Small Towm • Location: Delembyr Vale
Societal Information
Populace: 900; 2,000 including surrounding hamlets
Religion: Chauntea, Amaunator/Lathander • Shrines: Tempus, Tymora
Imports: xxx
Exports: xxx
Political Information
Government: Duchy
Ruler: Duchess Morwen Daggerford
Military: Local militia

A walled town surrounded by pastoral fields, Daggerford's territory includes not just the town and its immediate fields, but also a handful of small hamlets for a day or two around it. The Daggerford family who rule the town style themselves "dukes" and "duchesses," and trace their lineage and right to rule back to the days when the area around Daggerford was theirs to govern in the Kingdom of Man that succeeded Phalorm in the region.







Places of Interest

  • Delfen's Tower: Wizard Residence. The residence of the wizard Delfen Ondabarl, an adventuring wizard from Iriaebor who retired to Daggerford in 1355 DR. Though presumed dead by 1385 DR, he returned in 1485 DR, not a day older, to reclaim his tower. He is a patient instructor of the arcane arts, and doesn't hesitate to aid the local militia in the defense of Daggerford.


  • Derval's Bright Blade: Smithy. A smithy that dates back to the 1300s, run until by its original master smith, the shield dwarf Derval Ironeater. Derval passed away in 1484 DR, leaving it to Thumra Forgever, one of his apprentices who returned from Citadel Adbar to take it over. Thumra is a well-respected master of the art herself.


  • The Dragonback Inn: x
  • The Happy Cow: x
  • The River Shining Tavern: Tavern & Inn (4c). One of the oldest buildings in town, supposedly the first of them, predating even the ducal castle. Most clientele have plenty of coin to spend, among them visiting and local nobles, wealthy merchants, and even Lady Belinda Anteos of the Sword Coast Trader's Bank. There are private dining chambers frequently used by the Council of Guilds for its meetings.
  • The Lady Luck Tavern: Tavern (2c). A taproom dedicated to Tymora, and run by a human woman named Glenys, who encourages gambling in the tavern and has sponsored larger games of chance. A table in the corner holds Tymora's Cup, a ceremonial offering to the goddess should she want to stop by for a drink. Those who have had good luck frequently "buy a drink for the Lady," and Glenys switches out the cup in its place of prominence.

Temples & Shrines

  • The Harvest House: Temple to Chauntea.
  • The Morninglow Tower: Temple to Lathander. A modest temple originally to Lathander, but now a shared temple to the Morninglord and Amaunator, overseen by Luc Sunbright, a cleric of Amaunator and Lathander.
  • Table of the Sword: Shrine to Tempus. A small building with a sword permanently driven through the altar, a simple wooden table. Known to be patronized by the duchess.
  • Fairfortune Hall: Shrine to Tymora.

Trade Routes

Roads & Trails