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An estate along the northeastern edge of the Ardeep Forest, the Derlynn Estate is owned by one Arddeth Derlynn. An adventurer of some advancing years, the Derlynn estate has been home to a large brood of foundlings and orphans over the years. Many adventurers and Harpers, finding children in need of a guardian after events in which they were embroiled, have brought the little ones to Derlynn's door. Retired in the prime of his life thanks to a vicious injury, Arddeth has trained all the young ones brought to him in sword and spell where they have the talents. Even those who do not become adventurers are perfectly capable in dangerous situations.

Over the years, Arddeth's foundlings have often joined the Harpers, a calling he instilled in many of them from a young age. In the last decade or so, though, he has broken ties with the Harpers due to some falling out or another. Even so, he has a great many friends and family who are still among Those Who Harp, and Harpers always find sanctuary at his door.

The Keep


An old run-down keep, Arddeth has owned the property the keep sits on for many years.

  • 1. Main Entry. A stone-and-dirt path that leads up to the door, cutting through the hedgerows of the estate.
  • 2. Tower Corridor. The long entry hallway that leads to the base of the keep's tower.
  • 3. Library. The library Derlynn has collected over the years, containing many of the works he uses to teach his orphans how to read and think critically. There are even a few works of arcane and theological lore.
  • 4. Courtyard. A sunny, south-facing courtyard that once had a flagstone ground, but is mostly dirt now. Arddeth has cultivated the space into a modest garden, and it is common to find some of his orphans there, reading in the sunlight or practicing sparring.
  • 5. Sitting Room. A common room meant for relaxation and socializing. A set of stairs leads up into the tower proper, but none of the orphans are allowed to go into the tower without an invitation.
  • 6. Gallery. A small hallway hung with pieces of art that Arddeth recovered over his years adventuring.
  • 7. Armory. The chamber where weapons, armor, and even a few modest items of magic are kept. Students are trained in their use, but the door is kept locked.
  • 8. Classroom. A chamber that Arddeth uses for lectures and sparring training. It has a balcony that overlooks the dormitory below. Mornings usually start with Arddeth calling down to wake any sleeping stragglers.
  • 9. Jakes & Bath. A hallway with two alcoves: one that contains a basic privy and washbowl, and another that contains a copper tub. A modest coal hearth has a large copper tank above it, and a water pump can be used to pump water directly into the tank, which can then be drained into the tub once it has heated sufficiently.
  • 10. Great Hall. Not often used, the great hall has a large table for feasting (most meals are taken from the kitchen and eaten in the dormitory). In the off-chance of a large group of visitors, Arddeth may set up cots in the open space here.
  • 11. Kitchens. A large kitchen and pantry, with a set of stairs that leads up to the great hall.
  • 12. Dormitory. Arddeth's orphans are set up with privacy screens, beds, and chairs in the southern portion of the room. The northern portion has a trestle table pushed against the eastern wall, with lamps hanging over it, for dining and reading.
  • 13. Arddeth's Office. A modest office space, with a desk, chair, and set of shelves.
  • 14. Valet's Chamber. A chamber with wardrobe, dressing table, and wall mirror, ostensibly for a gentleman's grooming. Arddeth doesn't use the chamber for such (he just dresses in his chambers), but he does use the bed space here for any orphan he has drafted as his assistant, or who simply needs some time away from others.
  • 15. Antechamber.
  • 16. Arddeth's Library. Arddeth's private collection of books, folios, and maps.
  • 17. Arddeth's Quarters. A modest room, with wardrobe, bed, and reading chair.
  • 18. Privy & Bath. A simple setup, similar to the copper tank and hearth used in the baths in the main keep.