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The Dusken Glade Cell is a [[Harper Cell|cell of Harper operatives]] who operate out of the [[Dusken Glade Inn]] in Waterdeep.
The Dusken Glade Cell is a [[Harper Cell|cell of Harper operatives]] who operate out of the [[Dusken Glade Inn]] in Waterdeep.
* '''Harpers:''' [[Sylyra]], [[Frick]], [[Clarc]], [[Zan]], [[Psalm Melshimber]], [[Orion De'spri]]
* '''Harpers:''' Clarc, Zan, Psalm Melshimber, Orion De'spri, Lola

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Dusken Glade Cell Traits

Investment (5 • 10 for Rank 3). A Brightcandle oversees the cell, but has doubts about your adherence to Harper ideals and protocols.

  • Assistance: May seek help from other Harpers by making an Assistance check, at disadvantage.
  • Harper Cache: May make Harper Cache checks at Disadvantage.
  • Cell Actions or Harper Boons: None
  • Entanglements: 5% monthly chance of Harper Entanglements.
Watchers • 2

Investment (3 • 10 for Rank 3). A few rag-tag individuals comprise the cell's Watcher Network.

  • Cost: 1 gp per month upkeep.
  • Rumor: 1 per month
  • Report: May seek to have Watchers report back on a specific topic; Report tests are at disadvantage.
  • Watcher Summons: In a public area, a member of the cell has a 20% chance of making contact with a watcher.
  • Watcher Concerns: 5% monthly chance of Watcher Concerns.
Allies • 1

Investment (1 • 3 for Rank 2). The cell has a single ally of some degree of power.

  • Ally: Yasolos Iluther, Waterdhavian magistrate
  • Influence/Funding: May make one at disadvantage.
  • Ally Problems: 12% monthly chance of Ally Problems.
Security • 1

Investment (2 • 3 for Rank 2). The cell's security is scarce and only somewhat effective.

  • Cell Location: Enemies seeking to discover the cell's whereabouts do so at advantage.
  • Safehouses: The cell may have up to 2 safehouses, at a maximum of Rank 1.
  • Security Concerns: No chance of Security Concerns.

The Dusken Glade Cell is a cell of Harper operatives who operate out of the Dusken Glade Inn in Waterdeep.


  • Harpers: Clarc, Zan, Psalm Melshimber, Orion De'spri, Lola


  • Brightcandle: Denabria Faez


The Dusken Glade Inn. The inn has the following elements which make it a dependable headquarters.

  • A Stage Full of Music: Each month, the Dusken Glade cell generates one additional Rumor. The Dusken Glade is known as a site where innovative and upcoming musicians find their audiences, and there is often a great competition among minstrels and bards to perform here.
  • Part of Twilight Vaeteru: The Dusken Glade starts with an additional Ally: Twilight Vaeteru (organization). The Dusken Glade is considered part of Twilight Vaeteru, Waterdeep's queer subculture.
  • Attic War Room: The Dusken Glade has a hidden war room which serves as a gathering point and headquarters for the cell. It is protected by a permanent Mordenkainen's private sanctum, with the following effects:
    • Sound cannot pass through the wall of the war room (but not the portal chamber) in either direction.
    • Sensors created by divination spells can't appear inside the protected area.
    • Creatures in the area can't be targeted by divination spells.
    • Nothing can teleport into or out of the warded area, and planar travel is blocked within the warded area.
  • Trustworthy Staff: The staff of the Dusken Glade have all been vetted by senior Harpers, drawn from Watchers and allies.
  • Baths Passage: The cellars-level baths have a secret passage: behind a false panel in one of the small private bathing chambers is a ladder that drops twenty-five feet into the sewers below.
  • Retreat Chamber: The Dusken Glade cell has a portal to the Harper Refuge in Ardeep Forest. In the same chamber is a teleportation circle whose address is known only to certain Harpers and Harper allies.


  • The Market Crawlspace: Rank 1 (Amenities 1 • Capacity 1 • Obfuscation 1). In a small shop overlooking Waterdeep's market, one of the cell's Watchers keeps a crawlspace beneath the shop as cleared away as they can, in case one of the Harpers needs to seek sanctuary there.


Yasolos Iluther (Individual)
Waterdeep Magistrate • Influence: Political Leverage
One of the so-called "black robes", Yasolos is a well-respected magistrate. He has a reputation for being somewhat humorless and dreadfully literal, with a distrust of clever wordplay and flourished language. He is extremely well-learned in matters of the law, and respected by his fellow magistrates, even when they find him severe and humorless. Yasolos' wife was saved by the Harpers, and he has been grateful to them ever since. He is happy to help them navigate the difficulties of legal life in Waterdeep, despite the Harpers' reputation for trouble with the law.
Twilight Vaeteru (organization)
Queer Subculture • Influence: Information
An informal but nonetheless tightly-knit community, Waterdeep's vaeterann folk consider the folk of the Dusken Glade to be their own people. By and large, most of them are not aware that the Dusken Glade is made up of Harpers, although some of the elder luminaries of that community certainly are. Funding checks with Twilight Vaeteru usually take the form of big parties and events.


  • Tarsakh, 1491 DR:
    • Mission: Missing Messenger