Dusken Glade Treasury

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Dusken Group Loot


Harbor Moons: 0
Suns: 24
Dragons: 432
Taols: 0
Shards: 1507
Nibs: 85

xxx: 0
xxx: 0
xxx: 0
xxx: 0

Trade Bars
xxx: 0
xxx: 0
xxx: 0
xxx: 0

Gems and Art

Potions and Scrolls

Potion of Growth
Potion of Knowledge (All four Elemental languages for 24 hours)

Animal Messenger Scroll (2nd Level Bard/Druid/Ranger)
Beast Sense Scroll (2nd Level Druid/Ranger)
Protection from Poison Scroll (2nd Level Cleric/Druid/Paladin/Ranger)

Magic Items

Sickle of Warning (Shortsword damage)
Feather Token - Malachite Disc (Casts feather fall if bearer falls more than 10 ft, is destroyed in use)
  •Rare, not many wizards know how to craft them

Equipment and Tools

Sickle Component pouch
Holy Symbol of Bane

Favors, Information, etc.