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Cell actions are specialized actions that are treated as Lair Actions for Harpers, but only while they are on a mission (the mission acts as their Lair, in other words). Teams train to use these in preparation. At the onset of a mission, the cell as a whole chooses a number of Cell Actions that they have available during that mission.

Using Cell Actions

  • Cell actions require a certain amount of Preparation. This is usually a unit of time, used by the cell to practice. Some Preparations may also have prerequisites.
  • Cell actions require two or more members of the cell to be in a given situation in order to employ the action. The more powerful the action, the more people are needed to pull it off, and the more strident the situation that allows for it.
  • A cell action takes place on Initiative Count 20 (losing all initiative ties), as long as the prerequisites are met for performing that action.

Cell Actions

The following are some of the cell actions that a cell may choose to train themselves in as part of mission planning.

Echo Down the Hall

The cell, knowing it will face situations of stealth, make ready to provide one another with distractions to aid those efforts.

  • Preparation: 3 hours.
  • On initiative count 20, the cell chooses up to three creatures to distract. These creatures gain disadvantage on Perception checks during that round; this inflicts a -5 to passive Perception checks.

Hand Off

The cell practices quickly accessing and using equipment, both for themselves and between one another.

  • Preparation: 1 hour per cell member.
  • On initiative count 20, one cell member may grab an item from their possessions and toss it up to 20 feet away to another cell member, who catches it flawlessly.
  • Alternately, on initiative count 20, two cell members may immediately take the Use Item action as long as it involves only themselves or an adjacent cell member.

Knowing the Layout

The cell with plans for a compound or other location uses that knowledge to study the layout in order to use it to their advantage.

  • Preparation: 1 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the location. Requirement: Maps or plans.
  • On initiative count 20, two cell members may use traits in the location to give themselves advantage on an attack, Athletics, Acrobatics, or Stealth check. This benefit must be used on the character's next turn.


The cell practices remaining near one another, and feinting in combat to prevent enemies from halting such movement.

  • Preparation: 6 hours.
  • On initiative count 20, two characters may move half their Speed toward another member of the group. Opponents do still get opportunity attacks, unless that opponent is adjacent to a member of the cell who is not one of the cell members who is moving.


The cell works on quickly moving to a fallen ally's side.

  • Preparation: 3 hours.
  • On initiative count 20, one cell member may move their full Speed to an ally who is at 0 hit points. This movement does provoke opportunity attacks, unless the attacker is adjacent to another cell member. Upon arriving, the cell member may use their reaction to cast a healing spell, use a healing kit or make a Medicine check.

On the Hunt

The cell practices their arms with a single kind of foe in mind, building their focus.

  • Preparation: 3 hours. During this time, the cell designates either a single monster type, members of a single organization, or an individual.
  • On initiative count 20, one cell member who is in range to make an attack on the cell's designated target may make an immediate weapon or cantrip attack against that foe.


The cell practices sudden, swift attack!

  • Preparation: 4 hours.
  • On initiative count 20, a cell member may move up to half their Speed and end that movement with a normal melee attack against a foe who is adjacent to another cell member.

Snap Out of It!

The cell focuses on one anothers' voices and presence to solidify their wills.

  • Preparation: 6 hours.
  • On initiative count 20, two cell members may target one member of their cell who can hear them. If this cell member is charmed or otherwise has their mind affected by an effect that permitted a saving throw, which the cell member failed, that cell member is immediately permitted another save to try and shrug off the effects. If this second save fails, they cannot be affected by this action again.

Watch Each Others' Back

The cell focuses on remaining wary and communicative.

  • Preparation: 2 hours.
  • On initiative count 20, a cell member who is aware of a hidden creature may make up to two other cell members aware of that creature. They are treated as though they had perceived it normally.
  • Alternately, on initiative count 20, two cell members may designate another cell member whom they are adjacent to. Attacks against this cell member have disadvantage until the end of the round.