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Locating a cell of Harpers can be difficult, but not impossible.

Locate Cell

Downtime Action
Spending one tenday asking around, listening to local gossip, investigating sightings of known Harpers, and similar undertakings, an organization with the manpower can uncover the location of a cell. (This time increases to one month if it is instead performed by an individual or small group.)

This is a Charisma (Persuasion) or Charisma (Intimidation) check.


Modify the roll by the following bonuses or penalties:

  • Organization expends wealth: +1 per 100gp spent, max +4
  • Organization has connections with cell's Allies: +2
  • Organization has dedicated spy network: +1 to +3
  • Organization takes pains to avoid being discovered: -2
  • Cell is aware of the search: penalty equal to cell's Security Trait

Locate Cell DCs

The DCs for this check are based on how big and known the cell is. Add together the total Investment for its Connections, Watchers, and Allies Traits, then compare that to the following chart.

Traits Total DC
150-126 DC 10
125-101 DC 12
100-76 DC 14
75-51 DC 16
50-26 DC 18
25-11 DC 20
10-1 DC 22

Test Results

Success on this result results in the organization doing the searching finding the cell's main headquarters or gathering spot.

  • For every 1 point above this DC, they identify visually one member of the team, stating with the character with the lowest total Stealth bonus.
  • For every 2 points above this DC, they identify one of the cell's safehouses, starting with a random safehouse of the lowest Rank.
  • For every 3 points above this DC, they identify one member of the team by identity (name, basics of routine), starting with the character with the lowest total Stealth bonus.

Hearing About It All

Anytime someone goes looking for a cell, there is a chance the cell's allies may catch wind and inform the cell what is going on.

  • There is a 10% flat chance that such a discovery is made for a group with Security 1. This is increased by +5% per additional rank in Security.
  • If the organization hunting the cell takes pains to avoid being detected searching, the base chance drops to 0%.
  • Add another 5% for each point of bonus the organization generates to its search roll: so, a +3 bonus add 15% to the check.