Harper Watcher Reports

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Harpers can deploy their Watchers to find our more about a given Rumor or other piece of information. This is a Connections check (d20 + Connections rating), with a DC based on the target piece of information sought. Harpers may seek Reports a number of times per month equal to their Connections rating.

  • Time to Resolve: It takes one tenday, generally speaking, for a Watcher to find information (or to realize they have nothing, in the case of a failure).
  • Cost: It takes coin to accomplish these sorts of tasks. Each time a Reports check is made, it costs a number of gold pieces equal to the Connections rating being used.


  • Success: A successful test results in the passage of a tenday, and the recovery of information. For each full 5 points above the DC scored, either halve the time required, or recover one additional useful piece of information.
  • Failure: A failure results in a waste of time and money. For each full 5 points below the DC scored, subtract 1d4 points of Investment from the cell's Connections, as informants are imprisoned or killed attempting to gain that information. For each d4 rolled, there is a 20% chance of the enemies finding out who it is that is seeking information on them.