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Identity: Unknown • Affiliation: None • Base of Operations: None
Ethnicity: Caucasian • Nationality: None
Age: Unknown • Gender: Male • Height: 5'7" • Weight: 125 lb
Eyes: Hazel • Hair: Brown • Other Features: None
Origin: x • Power Level: 8 (120 Points: Abilities 16, Defenses 0, Skills 9, Advantages 0, Powers 95)
Strength 0 Stamina 2
Agility 0 Dexterity 0
Fighting 0 Intellect 4
Awareness 2 Presence 0

Points: 16 (2pts per rank)
Defense Ranks Ability Other Total
Dodge 0 0 0 0
Fortitude 2 2 0 4
Parry 0 0 0 0
Toughness - 2 10 12
Will 2 2 0 4

Points: 0 (1pt per rank)
Initiative: 0 + {{{InitiativeMods}}} = +{{{InitiativeTotal}}}

Integrity Disruption (Wormholes): No Roll (30' Area, Selective); Damage (8 ranks) + Affliction (4 ranks; Fortitude; Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated)
Expertise (Military): +6 (Stamina+2)
Expertise (Science): +10 (Intellect+6)
Technology: +12 (4+8)
Vehicles (Air Vehicles): +2 (0+2)

Points: 9 (1pt per 2 ranks)
Combat: None
Fortune: None
General: None
Skill: None

Points: 0 (1pt per rank)
• Spatial Manipulations (Alternate Effects, 35pts): Wormholes (Teleport, 8 ranks, Standard Action, 250 miles, Easy Extend only, Portal, causes Neurasthenia) • Integrity Disruption (Damage, 8 ranks, 30' Area, Selective, causes Neurasthenia) • Warp Space (Deflect, 8 ranks, Reflect, Redirect, Range 200'/400'/800') • Locational Shift (Teleport, 8 ranks, Move Action, 1 mile, Accurate, Change Velocity, Turnabout) • Stargate (Teleport 7 ranks + Movement: Space 3 ranks, Interstellar Range, Portal x8, Uncontrolled) • Neurasthenia (Affliction 4 ranks, Fortitude, Indirect, Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated)
• Cybernetics (36 pts): Translation Modules (Comprehend Languages - Speak/Understand; Machines, 4 ranks) • Perfected Metabolism (Immunity 7 ranks; Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation/Thirst, Sleep, All Suffocation) • System Grounding (Immunity 5 ranks, Electricity) • Reinforced Body (Protection 8 ranks); Cybernetic Senses (Senses, 8 ranks; Sight: Analytical, Full Spec, Darkvision, Distance; Hearing: Radio)

• Nanite Field (Alternate Effects, 24 pts): Technological Genesis (Create Machines, 8 ranks, Innate, Precise, Subtle) • Luminous Projections (Environment Light + Illusion, Visual + Auditory, 4 ranks; Perception, Sustained) • Technological Counter (Nullify Technological, 4 ranks; Area, Broad, Simultaneous, Precise, Selective) • Technobiological Repair Sequence (Healing, 3 ranks; Close Area, Affects Objects, Energizing, Resurrection, Selective)

Points: 95
Other Traits
Equipment: None

Complications: Motivation: Acceptance • Enemy: Golgari & Bounty Hunters • Secret • Social Awkwardness


  • Spatial Manipulations: 33 pts
  • Cybernetics: 36 pts
  • Nanite Field: 24 pts

Spatial Manipulations

35 pts (30 pt power + 5 pts Alternate Effect)
Horizon's innate power is the generation of workhole effects. He is somehow capable of manipulating spacetime in such a way as to generate "bridges" between two non-contiguous places. Though he has learned some very finite control over this power, thanks to the alien technology that allows him to process the complex mathematics necessary to exert his will over it, the power seems to operate subconsciously (or, according to the aliens he found himself with, hyperconsciously).

He has mastered a number of tricks using this power, but some still remain outside of his reach. He has also not figured out how to avoid the disorientation caused to living creatures that pass through the spatial rifts he creates (he himself is immune to the effect, fortunately). This power is built as an Array of Alternate Effects.


24 pts + 5 pts (Neurasthenia)
Horizon's primary power seems to be the ability to rip holes in the fabric of spacetime to allow rapid passage from one place to another. Although neurologically disruptive to most creatures (see Neurasthenia, below) it provides a rapid means of travel.

  • Wormhole: 8 ranks • Teleport • Standard Action, Range (250 miles), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Easy Extended Only, Linked (Neurasthenia), Portal • Drawback (Neurasthenia), Distracting, Increased Action

Integrity Disruption

24 pts + 5 pts (Neurasthenia)
Horizon has also learned to emit a field of disruptive "spatial static" around him, sending out waves of space-warping energy that causes damage in an area around him. Fortunately, he has learned to control exactly whom this targets in that area - everyone else simply experiences the odd sensation of these waves of distrupted spacetime flowing over and past them.

  • Integrity Disruption: 8 ranks • Damage (Area) • Standard Action, Area (30' radius, Selective), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Area, Selective, Linked (Neurasthenia)

Warp Space

24 pts
One of Horizon's favorite tricks is his ability to warp space, which he claimed to have "learned" from his interaction with the Golgari jump-ship's deflector screens. With this ability, he can shift space around himself or an ally, preventing an attack from striking them.

  • Warp Space: 8 ranks • Deflect • Standard Action, Ranged (200'•400'•800'), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Reflect, Redirect

Locational Shift

26 pts
Horizon's mastery of spacetime's fabric allows him to quickly teleport himself around an area with a much reduced range than the use of his wormholes. Of course, he can only move himself with Locational Shift.

  • Locational Shift: 8 ranks • Teleport • Move Action, Range (1 mile), Instant, 3 pts per rank +2 flat • Accurate, Change Velocity, Turnabout


29 pts (21 pts Teleport + 3 pts Movement - Space Travel + 5 pts (Neurasthenia)
Though the Golgari discovered technology that would allow them to control this power, Horizon cannot do so himself. Fortunately, he doesn't have much call to do so - it allows him to rip open half-mile wide spatial rifts that can transport whatever moves through them from one galaxy to the next.

  • Stargate: 7 ranks • Teleport • Move Action, Range (Interstellar), Instant, 3 pts per rank • Linked (Neurasthenia), Portal (+8 flat to increase portal size) • Uncontrolled
    • Movement: Space Travel (3 ranks) • 1 pt per rank • Uncontrolled


3 pts
When living creatures pass through Horizon's spatial rifts, the experience seems to overwhelm the neurological integrity of the creature involved. Though it does no lasting harm, it can cause disorientation, sudden exhaustion, vertigo and even unconsciousness. This power is added to those powers it is linked to, and its cost is considered in the cost of those powers already.

  • Neurasthenia: 4 ranks • Affliction (Fortitude; Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated) • Standard Action, Close, 1 pts per 2 ranks +1 flat • Indirect, Linked (Integrity Disruption, Wormhole)


36 pts
The aliens installed extensive experimental cybernetics in Horizon's body when they found him. These cybernetics allowed them to harness his power to a degree he hasn't managed to replicate for himself yet. He also had his free well and self-motivation stripped from him, but those mechanisms were destroyed in the Boston Conflagration. He still has a number of impressive internal mechanical systems, including a nanotech colony where his heart used to be.

  • Translation Modules: 4 ranks • Comprehend (Languages [Speak/Understand], Machines) • No Action, Personal, Permanent, 2 pts per rank
  • Perfected Metabolism: 7 ranks • Immunity (Aging, Disease, Poison, Starvation/Thirst, Sleep, All Suffocation) • No Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank
  • System Grounding: 5 ranks • Immunity (Electricity) • No Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank
  • Reinforced Body: 8 ranks • Protection • No Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank
  • Cybernetic Senses: 8 ranks • Senses (Analytical, Full Spec; Darkvision, Distance, Radio) • No Action, Personal, Permanent, 1 pts per rank

Nanite Field

24 pts (21 pts + 3 pts Alternate Effect)
The nanite colony where Horizon's heart used to be constantly pumps nanites not just through his body, but into the air around him, generally out to a limited range. These nanites are alien in origin, and react very closely with psychic energy.

  • Technological Genesis: 8 ranks • Create (Machines) • Standard Action, Range (Rank), Sustained, 2 pts per rank +3 flat • Innate, Precise, Subtle
  • Luminous Projections: 4 ranks • Environment (Light) + Illusion (Visual + Auditory) • Standard Action, Perception, Sustained, 5 pts per rank
  • Technological Counter: 4 ranks • Nullify (Technological) • Standard Action, Range (Rank), Instant, 5 pts per rank +1 flat • Area, Broad (Technological), Simultaneous, Precise, Selective
  • Technobiological Repair Sequence: 3 ranks • Healing • Standard Action, Close (Area), Instant, 7 pts per rank • Affects Objects, Area, Energizing, Resurrection, Selective


  • x

Later Power Stunts

  • Psicognitive Projection: x ranks • Communication (Mental) • Free Action, Range (Rank), Sustained, 4 pts per rank
  • Psicognitive Interrogation: x ranks • Mind Reading • Standard Action, Perception, Sustained, 2 pts per rank
  • Psicognitive Counter: x ranks • Nullify (Psychic) • Standard Action, Range (Rank), Instant, 5 pts per rank +1 flat • Area, Broad (Mental), Simultaneous, Precise, Selective