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* Former Revenants of Malixia
* Former Revenants of Malixia
** Lord and Lady Bannik want to connect with Tsabar and Granny respectively
** Lady Bannik want to connect with Granny respectively
** Shuguruuk wants to murder Hjollman
** Shuguruuk wants to murder Hjollman
* Prince Ebor
* Prince Ebor

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  • Former Revenants of Malixia
    • Lady Bannik want to connect with Granny respectively
    • Shuguruuk wants to murder Hjollman
  • Prince Ebor
    • No longer a warlock of the Phoenix
  • The Moonsingers
    • Elen has a house hidden in the Candle District
      • Lach knows about it
  • Duergar
    • Grey dwarves
    • Have taken over dwarven vaults in the Citadel near Malixia
    • Were at the auction; Hjolman stole back the rune plates they had with them
    • Hjolman's reason for being in Malixia is to retrieve all of the lore they have stolen and recover the Citadel for the dwarven king (who is camped outside of the city)
    • One of the Duergar auction attendees is now living at Eight-Stone Tower Village
  • Sorsha
    • Warlock of the Queen of Air and Darkness
    • Likes Hjolman and Lach
    • Has remembered how to use the ways
    • Balzen's ex-girlfriend (?)
  • Ramsey Ganderly
    • Ramsey is missing, presumably ran to the Silver Wands
  • Alcaine & Becky
    • Advisor to Councilor Shane Marakata
    • Hired Tsabar to teach him Darshinian culture and customs
  • Alisandra
    • Fled to Zalcoryn for no discernible reason
  • Xeno's Vision of Murder
    • Jessica Brandon visted Xeno and told him that a fellow priest en route from Daltes was coming to murder another of his faith
    • All the magic using pilgrims were murdered
    • Someone in the church in Malixia
  • The Immortal Order of the Silver Wand (The Cult of Stelogthin)
    • A cult of ghouls that can be killed with silver wands that were created to destroy them
    • Infiltrated the order that was created to kill them
    • We know where their hideout is and how to get in.
  • Kailon's Divinity & the Divine Intervention Team
    • Kailon has pretty much disbanded the team
    • Sassafras is a crazy Antarian bent on destroying the multiverse in order to return Antares to power
  • Druzegchlk - Slime God
    • Replacing citizens with slime monsters bent on killing the group for revenge
    • Need to hunt down and destroy
  • The Master
    • Necromancer who helped Stelogthin create the Gift/Curse
    • Contacted to help reverse the Gift/Curse
    • Gave us the location of the Cult of Stelogthin hideout