Keepsake Tattoos

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Keepsake Tattoos
Owners: Casey Johansson (Tattoo Artist), Esmer Smith (Piercing Artist)
Employees: Grace Caldwell (Front Counter and Casey's Apprentice)
Regulars: Sophie Cooper (Adopted Daughter)
Keepsake Tattoos Layout

Keepsake Tattoos is a small, ground-floor shop. Its walls are decorated with flash artwork, original sketches and photographs of tattoos and piercings performed by the couple who own it. Keepsake Tattoos opens at 2 PM and doesn't close until 2 AM or so, catering to partiers and those who tend to be night owls.

Keepsake Tattoos is more than simply a body art shop, however - it is also the unofficial center of Astoria's counterculture and youth in the area. It is common to find a handful of pierced, tattooed hipsters, punks and other cultural rebels here at any given hour of its operation.


Keepsake Tattoos is a small shop in the historic downtown district of Astoria's City Center. Like most of the buildings there, it is a modest two-story shop. The ground floor is dedicated to the tattoo parlour itself, while its owners Casey Johansson and Esmer Smith, live upstairs in the modest two-bedroom home with their adopted daughter Sophie Cooper.

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