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Title: Emerald Magistrate
Emerald Magistrates are agents of the Emperor’s Law, warrior-sages who dispense wisdom and justice.
Assigned By: The Emerald Champion, the Emperor, and other high-ranking officials in the office of the Emerald Champion can appoint Emerald Magistrates, and do so when a samurai proves worthy of the post or when the need arises for more arbiters of the Emperor’s Justice.
Status Award: +15 (to a maximum of 40)
XP to Completion: 30 XP
Voice of Authority (Title Ability):
Once per game session when making a Scheme or Support action check using a Social skill, you may choose additional targets equal to your Glory rank. You cannot choose any additional target with vigilance higher than the highest among your initial targets.

Trade Skills Skill Grp
Fitness Skill
Martial Arts (choose one) Skill
Performance Skill
L5R-ExceptionSymbol.png Rank 1-2 Kata L5R-Technique-Kata.png Tech Grp
L5R-ExceptionSymbol.png Open Hand Style L5R-Technique-Kata.png Technique
L5R-ExceptionSymbol.png Shallow Waters
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