Light in the Void

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Player Characters

  • Tr'll, a Verpine Technician Mechanic/Warleader; played by Kurt
  • Hastara Xeqedi, Dathomiri Warrior Aggressor/Racer; played by A.J.
  • Bas Yagg, a Besalisk xxx; played by Chillos

Property & Resources

Non-Player Characters

Useful References

Star Wars Mechanics
Character Creation: Careers ListSpecies ListMotivations
Genre Traits: Duty & ContributionMoralityObligationContact Networks
Contribution Traits: Rebel Alliance Contributions
Hyperspace Travel
Crafting: Armor CraftingWeapons CraftingCybernetics CraftingGadget Crafting
Armor: Armors • Attachments
Weapons: Melee • RangedAttachmentsExplosive Compounds
Lightsabers: Hilts • Crystals • Attachments
Droids: Knowledge Class ITechnical Class IIService Class IIISecurity Class IVMenial Class VRemotes
Ships: AttachmentsWeapons
Electronics: Communications • CyberneticsDatapads & DatabasesDetectionTools
Other Gear: Carrying & Storage • Drugs & Poisons • Medical • Movement EnablersSecurity • Social GearStructural • Survival
References: Equipment Rarity


Setback: Setback-die.png Difficulty: Difficulty-die.png Challenge: Challenge-die.png

Boost: Boost-die.png Ability: Ability-die.png Proficiency: Proficiency-die.png

Force: Force-die.png


Success: Success-result.png Advantage: Advantage-result.png Triumph: Triumph-result.png

Failure: Failure-result.png Threat: Threat-result.png Despair: Despair-result.png

TO FINISH: Cyphers and Masks, Desperate Allies, Lead by Example, Knights of Fate, Unlimited Power; Collapse of the Republic, Dawn of Rebellion, Gadgets and Gear, Rise of the Separatists, Starships and Speeders,