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|Hit Points=8
|Hit Points=14
|Hit Dice=1d8
|Hit Dice=2d8
|Personality=Every mechanism, puzzle, or riddle is a new toy.
|Personality=Every mechanism, puzzle, or riddle is a new toy.
|Ideals=Most "nobility" are a drain on society.
|Ideals=Most "nobility" are a drain on society.
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Sneak Attack: Once per turn, if I have advantage against an enemy, or if they're busy fighting someone else, I can add 1d6 damage to my attack against them.
Sneak Attack: Once per turn, if I have advantage against an enemy, or if they're busy fighting someone else, I can add 1d6 damage to my attack against them.
Cunning Action: As a bonus action on my turn, I can take an Aim, Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.
===Specialty Traits===
===Specialty Traits===
My mom thinks I'm a snappy dresser.
My mom thinks I'm a snappy dresser.
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* '''Coins:''' 50 cp • 15 sp • x ep • 8 gp • x pp • Other coins: x
* '''Coins:''' 50 cp • 10 sp • 0 ep • 48 gp • 0 pp • Other coins: x
* '''Gems:''' x
* '''Gems:''' x
===Magic Items===
===Magic Items===

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Ludvig "Twokey" Trindle
Race: Rock Gnome, Class: Rogue(Thief)
Background: Artisan, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Leira
Factions: Who's Asking?
Ability Scores
Strength 8(-2), Dexterity 15 (+2), Constitution 11 (0);
Intelligence 14 (+2), Wisdom 13 (+1), Charisma 14 (+2)
Bonus: +2
Saving Throws: Dex & Int
Skills: Insight (int), Investigation (int)(EXP), Perception (wis), Persuasion (cha), Sleight of Hand (dex), Stealth (dex)
Tools: Tinkers', Thieves', Locksmithing/Finesmithing
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Gnomish, Thieves' Cant
Armor: Light
Weapons: Hand Crossbows, Simple, Longsword, Rapier, Shortsword
Subject is approximately 55 years old, about 3'8" 50#, and he'll hit on your partner.
Attacks:Dagger: +4, 1d8+2P, 20/40 if Thrown

Hand Crossbow: +4, 1d8+2P, 30/120
Armor Class: 13, Initiative: ++2, Speed: 25ft
Hit Points: 14, Hit Dice: 2d8

Personality Traits: Every mechanism, puzzle, or riddle is a new toy.
Ideals: Most "nobility" are a drain on society.
Bonds: I owe my guilds everything.
Flaws: I'm terrified my legit guild will find out about my side-gig.

“Look, I know that Mask is the Master of all Thieves. But I ain’t a thief! There are occasions when something belongs to someone that shouldn’t have it. I only help liberate these goods from awful folk. Luckily, most rich folk are awful.

   And yes, I know that Leira is the Guardian of Liars. You ask a lot of questions for someone who’s paying ‘special rate’ for a lock removal.”

-"Twokey" Trindle


Racial Traits

Artificiers' Lore: I gain twice my proficiency bonus on history checks when technology or gadgets are involved.

Darkvision: Out to a distance of 60', I can see through nonmagical darkness. Sadly, this vision is monochromatic.

Gnomish Cunning: Due to my superior gnomish wits, I gain advantage on Int, Wis, and Cha saves against magic.

Tinker: I can, with 10gp worth of parts, create small gadgets and tools. These tools must be maintained daily, or they will cease to work.

Class Traits

Expertise: I have honed my skills in Investigation, as well as with my thieves' tools, and gain twice the usual proficiency bonus when using them.

Sneak Attack: Once per turn, if I have advantage against an enemy, or if they're busy fighting someone else, I can add 1d6 damage to my attack against them.

Cunning Action: As a bonus action on my turn, I can take an Aim, Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Specialty Traits

My mom thinks I'm a snappy dresser.

Background Traits

Artisan of the Guild of Locksmiths & Finesmiths


Once, I caught a pigeon.


  • Coins: 50 cp • 10 sp • 0 ep • 48 gp • 0 pp • Other coins: x
  • Gems: x

Magic Items

  • I have a weird, multicolored glass cube that turns a container of water into a bubblebath. Doesn't change the temperature, though.


Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: Probing tool
  • Worn: Dark brown & blue Leather Armor, Timedial Bracer (Tinker's gadget, wristwatch of sorts), Backpack with many small pouches containing tools
  • Belt: Two Daggers, Quiver of 20 Bolts
  • Backpack: Hand Crossbow, Bedroll, 50' Silk Rope, Travelers' Clothes, Thieves' Tools, Tinkers' Tools, Locksmiths' Tools, Burglars' Pack, Guild Letters, Extra Parts for Gadgets (1)

Stored Equipment

  • x


  • xxx: (x gp/day). x


I grew up in a pretty normal family, really. Mom's an alchemist, and Dad does glassblowing, so I knew from a young age about the grey areas that surround legit business. When I got my letters and tools from the Larks & Fancies, I started getting a reputation as having a fine hand, so some fancier folks started asking for Trindle locks. I obliged, the money was good, but I can tell you that I was floored by the places these folks live in. Like, you think you know what fancy is by the outside, but the INSIDES. It's obscene, is what it is.

One day, I watched a customer turn away every request for charity while eating a lunch that could have stocked a soup kitchen. Made him a damn fine lock, and made note of his lightweight window latches. Told someone who told someone, and I made sure I was having a pleasant meal in my favorite tavern that night. The Thieves' Guild asked me to join, then, and I saw the merit in their arguments.

So, I do my job. And if some skinflint fatcat is getting so much gold that he's attracting ravens? Well, I know someone who can let the ravens walk right in.

The money's great, and I like the challenge.

Oh, and I sold the prick new latches, three days later.

Important Individuals

  • Felgolos: Friend, juvenile bronze dragon

Oh, Fel? He's a great guy. Unlucky as anything, though. Met him in the Blacklake district of Neverwinter when I was visiting family as a teenager. Apparently he was trying to impress a young stablemaid by doing a circus trick, and he sneezed while breathing fire. Unfortunately he's a dragon, and his lightning breath brought down a support beam. Caused three entire lumber teams to stampede, all told. The guard were on him, he ran into me looking for a safe space. I know what it's like to need a place to hide, and how to find a good bolt hole, and we've been buddies ever since.

Then there was the time he was trying to bust up a Zhent smuggling ring. He'd followed them into Daggerford, found their warehouse front, and even figured out where their hidden vault was. I was in town doing some work for the Duke's son, and we were going to go steal some proof and get them shut down. But then he decided to go in by himself, and got there maybe ten minutes after they'd moved the product. While he was "looking for clues", a stray cat knocked over a box, locking him in the damn thing. When I didn't see him around the whole next day, I went looking. Got to the warehouse and heard him calling for help. Took two damn hours to shift that bastard of a lock, no lie.

I swear, the guy can't win for losing. I feel luckier just in comparison.

  • Fayette Trindle: Mother

Mom's pretty great, all told. She loves to cook, more's the pity. She's a master alchemist, but not a great chef. Her food tends to be a little off-taste, or just the wrong color and texture. You wouldn't think that's so bad, but have you ever tried to eat a chicken leg that's the color and texture of a fig? But if you need any, shall we say, interesting substances? She's a good place to start.

  • Torrum Trindle: Father

Dad's a sweetheart, especially where mom's concerned. They've been together over a century, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't had a sense of smell for almost the whole time. If you need a glass flask, phial, or some labware, he's a genius. And he can make 'em with an inner cavity that'll be invisible if you've got an opaque carrier liquid. Handy as anything if you'd like to sell someone a shot of Dreamdraught that looks like a bottle of stout.

  • Derwen Lentash: Mentor, Master Finesmith, High Elf

Derwin is a real inspiration. I've watched them make a silver filigree that looked like shining lace, and moved like silk. I have no idea why they took me under their wing, but I'm grateful. They've taught me that it takes real understanding to make something elegant. You can't just make the metal do what you want, you've got to know how it's going to act, and plan accordingly. I hope that one day I'll make a piece they're really proud of.