MCU Genesys Supporting Cast

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  • Criminal Organizations
    • Sokalove - Russian Mafia (On the backfoot)
    • Screaming Firehawks - Skin Head Biker Gang (mostly dead)
    • The Surenos - Latino Gang with deep ties to Mexican Cartels (mostly dead)
    • El Audaz - Mexican minor Cartel now moving into local territory
    • Burning Pistons - Bike Gang up from California to attempt to seize the vacuum in drug and prostitutions.

Potential Alies

Dr Strange Ghost Rider (???) The Hellstrom Kids (???)

Enhance Villians

  • Ward's Enemies - Marduk Helstrom, The Walker in the Dark (Necromancer)
  • Gallows - Morgan La Fey, Variant Loki
  • Salvage - Vulture, Tinkerer
  • OVerall - Mr. Sinister, Ghost Rider