Maple Shade Apartments S1-S2

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  • Myrtle Connor is still the manager of the apartment complex. She's had it a bit rough of late, however, as she was interviewed on television after all the strange deaths. Her bosses at the bank where she was manager noted her and decided they didn't want their bank associated with any of that bad publicity, and fired her.
  • Roger Milowski was, of course, killed by Michael at the end of last season as a sacrifice. Haywood Mane, the Vietnam vet who Lucas befriended and helped get back on his feet (and who served with Rose's dad) has become the new security guard for the complex, moving out into his own apartment.

First Floor

  • With the gruesome death of her husband Roger, Emma Milowski (formerly A01) spent some time hospitalized for her nerves, and simply never returned. Her nephew showed up a month later saying that she couldn't bear to return to the apartment. He packed up her things and dealt with what remained of her rental lease. Haywood now lives in their old apartment.
  • Marisette Davis (A02) is a new resident. She opened a "home décor" shop that sells houseplants, pots, and the super trendy crocheted yarn-and-bead hangers for houseplants. Her shop replaced the old Excelsior Comics shop.
  • Rex Bagby (B01) was harassed for a little while by the Gypsy Jokers, but they seem to leave him in peace these days. (He's the source for Vivian's pot and hash these days.)
  • Vivian Blackstone (B02) has settled nicely into her apartment.
  • Martha Schneider (B03) continues her normal day-to-day life, though it sometimes seems like she has somehow managed to accumulate even more cats than before. But surely that's impossible.

Second Floor

  • Rose King moved in with Shirley "Slaughter" Windall (A05) at the end of last season. They moved Shirley's dad's things into the smaller bedroom, for the few days a month he is in town.
  • Russell Diggs (A06) is still weird, quiet, and reclusive, and prone to just…staring at people in a creepy way.
  • The Sandbergs (A07) still live in their apartment.
    • Noah and Esmie work in their shop, which seems to be doing better than ever, although Esmie seems more withdrawn from her neighbors than she used to.
    • Eli is a senior in high school, has a girlfriend named Monica, and still works at Apollo's Athenaeum for Matthew.
  • Noelle Britt (A08) has moved into the apartment cleared out by Ralph Carson, one of several tenants who moved away in the wake of all the chaos last year. She has ingratiated herself with her neighbors, who think the Daughters of Portlandia is a lovely name for a book club.
  • Both the Yales (B05) and the Denlys (B06) remain where they're at, though both the Denlys have been hunting for second jobs in order to be able to afford to move away.
  • The Kinderlys (B07), the twin elementary teachers, moved away shortly after everything happened. Their apartment remains unrented.
  • The quiet and unassuming biker Lance (B08) moved away; after all the chaos happened, the local PD targeted him for harassment, assuming he had something to do with the Gypsy Jokers. Fed up, he moved out.
  • Christine Ethan (B07) moved into Lance's apartment. She's a remarkably pretty young woman who is trying to become a model.

Third Floor

  • Scott Powers (A09) had a bad attack of some kind after the chaos, and spent three months hospitalized in the VA Hospital. He is back now, though he does have a home health nurse come by twice a week.
  • Vincent Carlson (A11) moved out of the Maple Shade two weeks after the chaos. His apartment is still unoccupied.
  • Benjamin Pardo (A12) has just moved out of his old apartment and into Carol Weaver's apartment (B16).
  • Reneesha and Imani Scott (formerly B09) moved away after their grocery shop the Fast-Shop had a molotov cocktail thrown through its front window when they were alone doing inventory one night. They weren't injured (aside from some smoke inhalation) but both they and the police claimed the attack was racially motivated. The police have only recently given the complex the okay to pull down the POLICE tape and start renovating the shop.
  • Conrad Doom (B10) has moved into this previously unoccupied apartment. He travels fairly extensively, and so isn't at home very often, but everyone around him knows when he is, as there is always a party of some sort going on.
  • The Shelton family (B11) Vanessa and Perry found out Vanessa was expecting eight months ago and promptly moved out of the Maple Shade. Vanessa's mother, Winnifred "Winnie" Suttle remained behind (neighbor gossip says that they didn't offer her to come with them, basically abandoning her in the apartment alone). She seems a great deal more lonely and sad these days, although she is excited about having a grandchild. She often helps Nancy Olson (B17) with their little one.
  • The Wilsons (B12) moved out almost immediately after the chaos.
    • A couple, Joshua and Imelanie Washford moved in about five months ago.
    • They have two boys, Joshua Jr (14 years, who just goes by "Josh") and Rudy (10 years).

Fourth Floor

  • Jason Rubeleau (A13) is still at the Maple Shade. He continues to work at the train yard.
  • The Rutherfords (A14) have had a hard time of it. Evelyn was terribly distraught over the firebombing of the Fast-Shop and the departure of the Scott sisters, and she is more hesitant to leave her home because of it. Her son Isaiah has only strengthened his Black Panther ties, and has gotten into some trouble for brawling with bikers locally.
  • Mariah Jones and Leslie Fisher (A15) remain residents. Mariah has started a petition asking the police for a stronger presence in the neighborhood, and Leslie has started teaching women's self-defense every Sunday morning in the central park area for residents.
  • The King family (B14) continues to operate the beauty shop on the ground level.
    • Lori wildly disagreed with her daughter Rose's decision to move out, but the two have gotten along a little better in the subsequent months.
    • Grandma Mary continues to keep mostly to herself, though she has started being more involved in the community at her local temple.
    • Aunt Holly has started dating a man from the temple, and spends a lot of time out of the house – the family anticipates a wedding in the next year.
    • Aunt Tammy has taken to going out clubbing and bar-hopping at nights.
    • Aunt Lisa has become a regular visitor at Vivian's home to talk about art.
  • Jaimie Sinclair (B15) was forced to move out of the Maple Shade by her well-to-do family. Once they saw all the violence and trouble the apartment complex was involved in, they threatened to cut her off financially if she didn't move elsewhere, and she did so without a backward glance. She still turns up occasionally at some of the local bars, and in particular has shown up more than once at the newly-opened disco in the neighborhood, VIBE.
  • Benjamin Pardo (B16, formerly A12) has been dating Carol Weaverfor around a year now, and the two have just moved in together (he moved into her apartment).

Fifth Floor

  • Last summer, newlyweds Ajeet Singh and Leena Kaur (A17) moved into the complex. They are a polite, if distant, Sikh couple. Ajeet works at the Bullseye Glass Company in the neighborhood.
  • In April of this year, Meredith Pritchett (B18) passed away. Her late rent caused the manager to check on her, and she discovered that she'd passed away. The examiner said she'd probably been dead four or so days before anyone discovered her. She was cremated and given a pauper's burial. Her apartment is still unoccupied.
  • After the chaos of last year, the two nurses Vickie Higgins and Heidi Milligan (A19) moved out of the complex.
  • In April, Nancy (B17) had a baby girl, who she and Harry named Natalie.