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History of Mistwatch

Scholars think that Mistwatch was once an important fortress during the Era of the Shogunate, as its Manse both commands a strategic confluence of the Yellow and Rock rivers, and watches over the mysterious Mist Island. Originally abandoned as a result of the Great Contagion, Mistwatch was resettled by a combination of refugees, scavenger lords and residents of the 10 tribes who desired a more settled life.

Over time Mistwatch built a reputation as a peaceful and prosperous city. Ruled over by the Gozara dynasty, Mistwatch became a bastion of culture and craftsmanship in the 100 kingdoms. Boasting of a public library, a collegium, and dozens of theatres and scrivners, Mistwatch played host to visitors from across hundred kingdoms and greater Scavenger Lands. Despite a reputation of decadence and softness, Mistwatch remained fiercely independent, outlawing slavery in it's bounds and keeping the Guild at arms length.

This changed seven years ago, when tensions between Mistwatch and the Ten Tribes bled over into open conflict. Numerous bloody skirmishes happened during this time period, culminating in the burning of a Mistwatch Enclave on the south shore of the Yellow River.

King Anatto Gozara and most of the royal family were killed in an ambush by elite warriors of the Ten Tribes. Afterwards it was learned that this attack was facilitated by traitorous citizens of Mistwatch who maintained their ties to the Ten Tribes.

With the death of King Anatto Gozara the leadership of Mistwatch began to crumble. Roaring Falls, a Water Aspected dragonblooded outcast and a bastard scion of the Gozara family, stepped in to the Chaos. He united the leadership of the Military and decisively rooted out traitors in the ranks of the Palace Guard. WIth the aid of Mercenaries hired by the guild he dealt several decisive blows to the forces of the Ten Tribes. As a result of his victories, Roaring Falls was named the Lord Protector of Mistwatch.

Since his rise, the Lord Protector has pushed for many reforms. Mistwatch’s military has been expanded. Those with extensive familial ties to the Ten Tribes have been arrested, and others who are descended are watched closely. The Guild has been allowed to expand its presence, including a large complex for the holding of slaves awaiting transport.

Late last year, a major riot broke out in the Riverside district. Hundreds of people were injured in the fighting, and dozens were killed.. The Lord Protector has claimed that it was instigated by Ten Tribes sponsored insurgents during an attempt on his life. As a result, THe PRotectors Guard have clamped down on the city.

Districts of Mistwatch

Mistwatch High

  • The Craftsmen Quarter Located near entrance to the Northern great elevator in Mistwatch High lies the craftsmen quarter. While not all of the craftsmen in the city work here, all of the oldest and most successful shops do. Blacksmiths sit next to leather-workers who sit next to weavers and book-binders. Carpenters and Masons hold spaces for meeting their clients. Typically a shop will have living quarters for the craftsmen above the shop. Over the years, this has lead to buildings reaching 3 or even 4 stories as the expanding families have needed to expand their homes, but haven't had the space to sprawl. All of these shops surround a central plaza with a fountain in the center. The fountain, a remnant of the first age, provides clean water for the city.
  • The Verdant Quarter The quarter of Mistwatch high closest to the Southern Great Elevator. This district hold the residences of the nobility and the Wealthiest merchants. It's most prestigious estates our on the edge of The Cliff itself, and overlook the rivers. An increasing number of Guildsmen have taken up residence here, as the prior owners of estates are arrested for sedition or support of the Ten Tribes.
  • The Dust Quarter Located the wall and the Craftsmen Quarter, the Dust Quarter is the poorest district of Mistwatch High. Filled with caravansary, stockyards and tanneries it's streets are twisting mazes.
  • The Sapphire Quarter Located between the wall and the Verdant Quarter. The Sapphire quarter was once the most prosperous of the city, and considered the true jewel of Mistwatch. Centered around the Mistwatch Collegia and The Grand Ampitheatre, this district used to be home to numerous theaters, cafes, brothels and gallery's. Now that many of the Hundred Kingdoms no longer send their scions to the Collegia, silver no longer flows freely and crime has become more common.

Mistwatch Low

  • Riverside Located between the Rivers and the Mist Road.
  • Cliffside This district is nestled between the Mist Road and The Cliff.
  • The Cliff The Imposing cliff in the center of Mistwatch. The Cliff is Dominated by the City's Manse and two First Age Elevators. Dug into to the Cliff are vast warehouses and storage caverns, most only accessible from the two elevators. The top of the cliff is lined with Verdant hanging gardens.
  • The Shallows The populated islands near to Mistwatch.

Locations in Mistwatch

  • The Mist Road The road that winds from the lowlands near the Yellow and Rock rivers, and that leads to the top of the cliffs.
  • The Verdant Throne Wood Manse 2 -

The Sapphire Quarter

  • The Protectors Arena A massive building capable of holding every resident of Mistwatch. The Protectors Arena was once known as the Hall of Venus and was host to an endless parade of Performances, Poetry readings and other entertainments. Now it is mostly used as a drill ground by the Protectors Guard, and occasionally an Arena for more martial fare. What theatrical performances that are still held here tend to be highly nationalistic and glorify the Lord Protector.
  • The Tower Library This imposing edifice lies at the center of the Mistwatch Collegia and is filled with numerous books and scrolls. Once open to all who sought knowledge, the Tower Library has fallen under the watchful eye of the Protectors Guard. Now only students of the Collegia, those in the Guild, and individuals approved by the Lord Protector may enter. There are rumors that many of the works once stored here have entered into the hands of the Guild, either to be sold or to enter into private collections.

The Shallows

Defenses of Mistwatch

  • The Protectors Guard - The Protectors Guard wear lacquered blue lamellar armor and helmets, with red demonlike partial face masks. They maintain a single large barracks near the City Manse, and smaller watch houses in each district.
  • The Grey - The secret police of Mistwatch. They are only rarely seen in uniform, and their identities are a closely held secret. When in public The Grey wear grey uniforms and plain silver masks, with cloaks made of grey strips of fabric. The Grey are known to have a set of offices inside the Verdant Throne.
  • The Bronze Pioneers - Employed by the Guild, the Bronze Pioneers are a mercenary company out of Nexus. They have been used inside Mistwatch once, when they helped put down the Riverside Riots inflicting the majority of the casualties. As a result they are hated and feared, only moving around inside the city in groups of three or more. They have recently finished construction on a barracks outside the city and are still in the process of moving into it. The have A Dragon of Heavy Infantry, a Talon of Light Infantry and a Talon of Archers on contract with the Guild and Lord Protector. They split their time for providing security for the guild, and fighting against the 10 tribes.