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Scholars think that Mistwatch was once an important fortress during the Era of the Shogunate, as its Manse both commands a strategic confluence of the Yellow and Rock rivers, and watches over the mysterious Mist Island. Originally abandoned as a result of the Great Contagion, Mistwatch was resettled by a combination of refugees, scavenger lords and residents of the 10 tribes who desired a more settled life.

Over time Mistwatch built a reputation as a peaceful and prosperous city. Ruled over by the Gozara dynasty, Mistwatch became a bastion of culture and craftsmanship in the 100 kingdoms. Boasting of a public library, a collegium, and dozens of theatres and scrivners, Mistwatch played host to visitors from across hundred kingdoms and greater Scavenger Lands. Despite a reputation of decadence and softness, Mistwatch remained fiercely independent, outlawing slavery in it's bounds and keeping the Guild at arms length.

This changed seven years ago, when tensions between Mistwatch and the Ten Tribes bled over into open conflict..

Districts of Mistwatch

Mistwatch High

Mistwatch Low

Locations in Mistwatch