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The Chancery

Mastigos Guardian of the Veil Bearer of the Eternal Voice, Hirearch of Salem
Stoughton, of the Chancery. The Hierarch of Salem is Stoughton, a Mastigos Guardian of the Veil and initiate into the Bearers of the Eternal Voice. Though Stoughton is not the Epopt of the Oregon Caucus of the Guardians, his local political power is more than sufficient to put him in a position of importance not just in his consilium, but with the Guardians of the caucus in general. Indeed, most Guardians agree – if he wanted the position of Epopt, it is doubtful the Abbot could stop him.

Hierarch Stoughton severely dislikes Agrippa, the Hierarch of Portland. The previous Hierarch of Portland was Stoughton’s initiator and mentor in the Guardians of the Veil. Moreover, the Guardians had long dominated both the Consilii of Portland and Salem; indeed, it had become something of a tradition that a Guardian served as Hierarch for Salem before taking on the duties of Hierarch in Portland. With the assumption of power by Agrippa, all that changed, of course. It is well-known that Stoughton keeps several agents active in Eugene and Springfield as well, ready to deal with any violations of the Mysteries should their little quibbles boil out of control. Stoughton is single-minded and dedicated in his relentless pursuit of preventing the Seers of the Throne from gaining any hold over Salem and the rest of Oregon.

Aelandelia Swiftleaf
Mastigos Guardian of the Veil Bearer of the Eternal Voice,
Path Order Legacy

The Bastion

Acanthus Adamantine Arrow Legacy
Dran Wands
Alice Wells
Moros Guardian of the Veil Legacy
An FBI Agent operating out of Salem.