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Geographical Information
Size: Small Town • Location: Delimbyr Vale
Societal Information
Populace: 1600
Religion: xxx • Shrines: xxx
Imports: Metalworks
Exports: Foodstuffs, stone
Political Information
Government: xxx
Ruler: xxx
Military: Lords Alliance soldiers, militia

Just off the High Moor, on the north bank of the Delimbiyr near the Unicorn Run, is the small town of Secomber, on the border between the North and the settlements of the Western Heartlands. Built over the ruins of Hastarl, capital of the ancient kingdom of Athalantar, Secomber is a quiet place where fishers and farmers go about their work, and local folk hire out to hunt or fish, or guide travelers through the area. Skilled guides who know the High Moor well , and can navigate its many dangers and its local tribes, are common- or appear to be, given how often their services are offered. Local stonecutters, primarily from a small clan of dwarves, excavate pink granite from the rock walls on northern edge of the moor.

Secomber is a small, peaceful town that acted as the de facto border town between the relatively peaceful Western Heartlands and the more savage North along the Sword Coast. The town contains a number of colorful gardens. It sits atop three stone hills on the northern banks of the southern-running Unicorn Run river and the western-running River Delimbiyr. Directly south of the town was the dangerous High Moor. To the north, along the Secomber Trail, was Uluvin.


The town is populated primarily by humans, but almost as many halflings called the place home. A small group of dwarves from the Ironeater clan live in the area, as well as a few gnomes and moon elves. Farming, fishing, and stone-cutting are the primary occupations, but it also has a number of folk familiar with the High Forest. Some locals hire themselves out as guides or guards for the passing caravans. The town welcomes and caters to travelers and caravans, especially adventurers who base themselves out of the town as they explore the High Moor and the High Forest.


Secomber has always been run by remarkable adventurers and other noteworthy folk who tend to set down roots in the community. They have never been given a formal title, nor do they possess specific, legally-mandated powers. They are simply looked to by the population of people and asked to lead the occasional community discussion to address concerns.

The current leader of Secomber is Mathesda, a forester and wilderness guide of many years. In her forties, she has settled down, though she still helps train the militia and deals with problems that folk bring her. She has adopted an aubergine purple cat from the clowder of brilliantly-colored cats around the Tower of Amelior.


A small palisaded fort sits atop a hill overlooking the town. It is primarily a garrison for about thirty soldiers provided by the Lords' Alliance to help defend the town. Their commander also traditionally commands the local militia, which numbers about 120 members. The current commander is Imenda Vengarl, a domineering captain of the Lords' Alliance from Neverwinter, who has clashed with Mathesda more than once, which has served only to put her at odds with the rest of the town.

Places of Interest

  • The Seven-Stringed Harp, a ramshackle sprawling tavern. Above the bar, a ghostly harp plays hauntingly beautiful music.
  • The Singing Sprite, a pleasant inn.
  • Tower of Amelior Amanitas, the home of the famed alchemist and sage of the North. Amelior disappeared shortly before the Spellplague, and never returned. His tower is still sealed, and though some adventurers have broken the perpetually renewing arcane lock on the tower, most have been killed or chased off by the pair of stone golems just within. The tower's main residents are an incredible number of stray cats who live in and around the tower, each of them in one startling color after another: Kelly green, brilliant fuchsia, mint blue, flame-orange, cherry red, and sun yellow among them.

Trade Routes

Roads & Trails

Secomber is a stop on the Delimbiyr Route, part of the trail between Waterdeep and Llorkh. Another trail, the Secomber Trail, connects Secomber to Uluvin to the north-west.