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The Iron Queen, the Lady of Pain, Mistress of Curses
The Iron Queen and Mistress of the Seven Hells, Shatachna is an ancient demon associated with pain and suffering. Those seeking power and dominion call her upon to inflict pain on others, and she has claimed the souls of more than a few would-be “magisters” as her personal slaves and attendants.

Common Spells

Scourge of Shatachna

This spell conjures a many-tailed whip that inflicts burning pain with each strike.

  • Affliction • 3 points per rank + 4 points • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Dazed + Impaired > Defenseless + Stunned > Incapacitated • Standard Action, Close, Instant • Cumulative, Extra Condition, Reach 4

Scythe of Shatachna

This spell summons a wicked, curved blade at the end of a long black handle, wielded as a two-handed weapon, preternaturally sharp and deadly.

  • Damage • 2 points per rank + 1 point • Standard Action, Close, Instant • Penetrating, Reach 1

Servitors of Shatachna

This is a demon-summoning spell. It’s also a commonly enacted ritual for cults worshipping Shatachna, calling on one of her many demonic slaves for aid. Different versions may have additional Summon modifiers applied to them.

  • Summon • 4 points per rank • Standard Action, Close, Sustained • Broad (Shadow Demons)

Shadows of Shatachna

The shades of this spell are more than mere darkness; they are hungry shadows from the depths of a dark netherworld, a darkness that feeds fear like oxygen feeds a fire. Victims often run into obstacles in the darkness in their blind efforts to escape from the dreadful terrors they feel lurking there.

  • Affliction • 4 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Dazed + Impaired > Defenseless + Disabled > Paralyzed + Unaware • Standard Action, Close, Instant • Area (Burst), Extra Condition, Progressive

Shatachna's Seal of Silence

This places an enchantment on the subject, preventing them from speaking of or communicating about certain information in any way. The subject retains awareness of the information and of the spell, but they simply cannot communicate.

  • Affliction • 2 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Controlled • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant • Increased Range 2 (Perception), Progressive • Limited Degree, Limited to Communication, Limited to Specific Information