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Other than potions and the occasional very minor magic items, there are no shops for magic items in the Realms. Magic items of any significant power are treated as very fine art in our world: available through auctions and specialized brokers, many of whom charge positive usurious fees for finding and acquiring such goods.

While it is certainly possible to hunt for magic items oneself (through the Buying Magic Items downtime action), those with the coin to burn turn to a broker to do the hunting for items, whether general or specific.

Securing a Broker

  • A broker can make a check to search for magic items once very five days (half tenday).
    • This bonus can be increased by a +1 for an amount of coin equal to one-half cost.
  • Each such check costs the client a certain amount of coin, which is often less than the 100gp used for the Buying Magic Items downtime action, as the broker already has the connections and contacts necessary to make this hunt and need not use coin to establish them from scratch, as PCs using the downtime action to hunt for themselves are assumed to be doing.
  • At the end of the search period, the broker reports their findings to the client, who then lets the broker know what (if anything) they want to purchase of the items discovered.
  • Most brokers then charge a finder's fee, usually expressed as a percentage (1% is typical) of what the client pays for the magic item. Thus, the finder's fee for a magic item the client pays 3000 gp for would be 30 gp.

Specific Brokers

Uncle Discretion (Yartar)

Uncle Discretion has the following traits:

  • Search Bonus: +6 (30% chance of finding specific items)
  • Cost: 80 gp per search check; +1 to search for every +40gp (max +4 for 160gp)
  • Commission: 1% of item price
  • Other Services: Uncle Discretion also has sages and researchers at his beck and call, many of whom have access to spell formulae and magic item schema. He can make a check to see if he has access to the material at hand. If not, he can set his researchers to uncovering it. His researchers can uncover 2 Lores per half-tenday of research.
    • Spell Formulae: On hand DC 10 + level • Research Level x 2 Lores needed • Cost Level x 100gp
    • Magic Item Schema: Common DC 10 or 1 Lore, 50 gp • Uncommon DC 14 or 2 Lores, 200 gp • Rare DC 18 or 4 Lores, 400 gp • Very Rare DC 22 or 8 Lores, 800 gp