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** North of city, abandoned Dwarven mine
** North of city, abandoned Dwarven mine
*** Possible monsters
*** Possible monsters
===Old King's Hill===
* '''Delembyran'''
** Ruins
*** Notable treasure?
==Sword Mountains==
==Sword Mountains==

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Delembyr Vale


Area around Daggerford
  • The Duchess of Daggerford is in place due to the efforts of Twokey and Scalefist toppling the prior Duke.
    • Sir Isteval, retainer to the Duchess, retired here
  • Branch of the Sword Coast Trader's Bank is here
    • Run by Lady Belinda Antaeous
  • Lady Luck Tavern
    • Gambling Hall
    • Where Mother Arcri works as a bartender
  • North of Daggerford, cursed monastery

Blackbranch Wood

    • Burned down by Pyrvanis
    • Home of Brevanne the Owl druid
  • Mud Creek
    • Hamlet where most of the slaves were from
  • Blackwood Manor
    • (Zhentarim) Check in after possible attack (from Mud Creek)

Gillian's Hill

  • Antaeous Manor
    • Jothia Antaeous is staying here
      • Younger brother of Lady Belinda Antaeous
    • Slavery ring is being run from here (refugees)
      • Involves Jothia, the majordomo, and some hobgoblins
  • Star Lake
    • The slavers are using a lakeside dockhouse as a holding pen for the slaves

The Lizard Marsh

  • Vantage
    • Bullywugs with teeth attacking the town

Warden's Wood

  • Warden
    • River east of Warden, leads to rift (possibly to Underdark?)
    • North of city, abandoned Dwarven mine
      • Possible monsters

Old King's Hill

  • Delembyran
    • Ruins
      • Notable treasure?

Sword Mountains


  • Home of Aunt Alindue

Dessarin Valley


  • Home of Uncle Discretion


Calling Horns

  • Zhentarim safehouse (known and used by Scalefist and Quel)



  • Home of Uncle Kentar

Neverwinter Wood

  • Home of The Stag, as he was known prior to becoming The Stag Lord