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The Six Shields

A team of Darlburl agents, the Six Shields have two specialties within the crime family: gang warfare and frontier defense. They specialize in coming into dangerous situations – whether Darlburl facing down interlopers, or folk on the frontier dealing with dangers from the wild – and handling them with precision violence.

Like many such small, focused Darlburl teams, the Six Shields travel extensively to attend the tasks that they are assigned by the Darlburl. The Six Shields are under the direct command of Father Dlarhund, in Helm's Hold, Neverwinter Wood.

Mimasper "Asper" Dassil
Team Leader
Hailing from Silverymoon, Asper is a complicated woman. Her winning personality is always at the forefront of her interactions with others, though anyone who gets to know her knows she is also utterly ruthless.

Ally To: Quel. The two often see eye to eye on the best way to cut to the heart of any matter, appreciating that saying one thing does not preclude taking another, more direct and final approach afterward. To this end, they are often more honest with one another when evaluating their situation. They have occasionally spent a late night becoming intimate with one another's perspective.

Rival To: Scalefist - She may not be fully aware of the reason behind Scalefist's animosity towards her, but it's based on his philosophy that the prettier someone is, the more likely they're poisonous on the inside. Her personality hasn't completely proven him wrong yet.
Barithen Ironlamp
Hire-axe from Citadel Adbar
Barithen hails from Citadel Adbar, although he didn't stay there long. Trained in its military, Barithen hated his peoples' retreat into the Citadel during the Many-Arrows war, and so broke ranks with them to hire his axe – often for far, far less than it was worth – to defend folk caught on the frontier with no way of defending themselves against the Many-Arrows orc horde. He joined the Darburl after the hired him for several tasks.

Ally To: Two-Keys. Barithen and Two-Keys have only worked together one time, but their mutual concern for the common folk (and disdain for nobles) meant that the two respected each other readily.

Rival To: Ahkeron. Ahkeron is a noble of Citadel Adbar and Barithen has never allowed himself to see him as anything else.
Dlera Thriblann
Sembian Swordmage
A Sembian adventurer, Dlera is always accompanied by her gold-eyed cat familiar, Amber. She is a quiet woman whose devotion is less to the Darlburl and more to Asper. She is a cunning tactician, and tends to use her spells creatively rather than offensively, preferring steel when it comes time to end lives.

Ally To: Ahkeron. While far from being friends, yet unlike her competitive relationship with Quel, Dlera and Ahkeron - likewise trained in arcane martial combat, have found commonality in their relationships with their familiars and how they fight in tandem with their companions.

Rival To: Quel. The two favor a mix of steel and spell, but each is convinced their application is superior, resulting in them constantly trying to outdo the other. Diera also seems jealous of Quel's rapport with Asper.
Uthgardt Wanderer
Born into the Blue Bear tribe of the Uthgardt, who wander the eastern and southern areas of the North, Fylkirk no longer associates with his clansmen. From all indications, his compatriots know why, but he is not forthcoming about it to anyone else, and pressing him on the matter is a good way to end up in a fight with the towering brute.

Ally To: Quel. But only a superficial one. The two had a physical attraction upon first meeting, which they explored readily. But neither finds the other very interesting beyond that.

Rival To: Two-Keys. Fylkirk and Two-Keys have never worked directly together. Only encountering each other during "off hours", they've both developed a disdain for the other. Two-Keys considers Fylkirk to be an uptight hothead, while Fylkirk thinks Two-Keys is a soft city-boy.
Hourl Windblade
Soft-spoken and kindly of demeanor, Hourl and Barithen are best of friends. Hourl refused to take part in the Many-Arrows war, and was forced to flee from his people. He met the dwarf when both were hired to help defend a small hamlet of shepherds in the path of a raiding party of orcs. The two have been good friends ever since.

Ally To: Scalefist - The two have an understanding and respect for one another as fighters and fellow Darburl. Scalefist respects Hourl's refusal to fight in the war, even if he thinks he might have made a different decision in his stead.

Rival To: xxx
Vamesca Nakara
Silver Dragonblooded Wizard
Hailing from the same village as Scalefist, Vamesca's reasons for leaving (which happened after Scalefist fled) are her own. She is a wildly competent wizard who specializes in abjuration magics. She is haughty and distant, even from her compatriots, although she and Asper seem to have some kind of affinity.

Ally To: xxx

Rival To: Scalefist - Bitch knows what her kin did. Fuck her.

Ahkeron. Ahkeron's uncle and foster-father is a renowned and respected wizard, apprentice of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, head of a noble house, advisor to a king, an ally of Silverymoon.. - all these accolades, allies and opportunities.. Ahkeron has had access to all this and more - and he turned out to be....a thug with an axe barely capable of managing a couple of spells in his head.