Shattered Covenant Timeline

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Details Needed

  • Akheron: When did you join the Darburl?
  • Twokey: When were you born? When did you join the Darburl?
  • Quel: When were you born? When did you join the Darburl?

1434 DR

  • Ahkeron and his sister Ahmera born and handed off to House Husteem to get to Ahmadar. They won't say how they came to have the babes. Ahmadar, not sure what to do with the little ones, ships them off to his mother, the Dowager Thane of Glaerune Hall.

1451 DR

  • Mount Hotenow erupts, burying Neverwinter in lava. Pyrvaris is born later that year to members of Clan Trueforger who'd been in Neverwinter when it happened.

1472 DR

  • Scalefist is born in a small enclave of dragonborn in the Rauvin Mountains.

1476 DR

  • The old dragon Klauth snatches up Scalefist in the middle of the year when he attacks the enclave and scoops up a caravan wagon that young Jarvin had fallen asleep in.

1477 DR

  • Klauth, or "Uncle Snarl" as Scalefist calls him now, deposits Scalefist in Sundabar and orders the dwarves to return him to his home.

1480 DR

  • Akheron meets Pyrvaris while he is visiting Gauntlgrym with Whorbi, developing a crush on the young dwarven genasi noble.

1485 DR

  • Scalefist is forced to watch his friend Syrial have her head torn off her body by a number of silver Dragonborn as a lesson for disobeying their orders to clear the snow from their homes.
  • A number of silver Dragonborn are discovered dead with their eyes plucked out and placed into a glass of water during the summer. Scalefist is discovered to be missing shortly thereafter.

1486 DR

  • Old Kickel, leader of the Underside Bugbears gang in Longsaddle, discovers a sick, emaciated Scalefist trying to rough up his intel person for coin. After beating the snot out of him and kicking him in the head until unconscious, he drags the boy back to his hideout to recover and to train as an enforcer due to the raw talent he saw in the fight.

1487 DR

  • Shortly after helping the Underside Bugbears (a gang) break into a sorcerer's tower, where he stole a strange ring that affected him oddly, Scalefist got into an argument with members of his gang, and fell into a strange frenzy. When he returned to his senses, Vanela - the girlfriend of his friend Heidi - was dead by his hand. He is forced to flee for his life.

1488 DR

  • Scalefist and Quel were assigned the task of leading some Zhent mercenaries to take the Calling Horns coaching inn along the Evermoor Way from the Harpers. They succeeded, but Quel killed his first man there, and the experience shook him badly. Scalefist witnessed this.
  • Twokey and Quel were rivals within the Darburl, each competing for similar jobs and holding the other's technique in contempt. They were put on a task for Aunt Synestra of Waterdeep, in which both of their skills came in handy, and they learned to appreciate one another for those skills.

1489 DR

  • Twokey goes to Daggerford for some task, and meets the newly-arrived Scalefist. When a crime occurs, Scalefist is blamed for it, but Twokey realizes he is innocent and sets out to investigate what really happens. He finds that the brother of the Duchess, Maldewyn Daggerford, is responsible, ending with him being run out of town.
  • A trio of Darburl (Quel, Scalefist, Twokey) and two dwarves from Gauntlgrym (Akheron, Pyrvaris) cross paths hunting for a bandit troubling the trade routes into Gauntlgrym.
    • They band together to hunt him down, though he gets away and disappears.
    • During that hunt, Twokey constantly drops mocking names for the bandit as they hunt for him. He has yet to have his revenge for the mockery.

1490 DR

  • After a Trueforger mine collapse kills miners, the Trueforgers find it impossible to find more workers, even though they sharpen up their safety.
    • Remembering his interactions with the Darburl, Pyrvaris contacts the mob and asks for their help. They provide miners, with one requirement: he come and do work for them occasionally.
  • On a Darburl task outside Daggerford with Ahkeron, Pyrvaris accidentally sets a part of the Blackbranch Woods ablaze, causing a lot of damage.
    • This infuriates the druid Brevanne, who considers herself the protector of Blackbranch, and leads to some difficulties between Brevanne and Mother Arcri. Among both local druids and the Darburl, Pyrvaris is known as the one responsible for that fire.
    • During the fire, Akheron is trapped by some of the flames, and injured. He survives, however, and awakens with a strange glyph over his heart. He also strangely awakens with knowledge of how to smith.

1491 DR

  • As a Zhent, Quel worked with some Stag Lord bandits hired by the Zhentarim. Later, he saw some of those same people working for Mother Arcri in Daggerford, and brought it to her attention. This led to the recent Purge of Daggerford's Darburl, which he certainly did not intend.

Year of the Scarlet Witch (1491 DR)

  • Campaign Begins