Spell Factors

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  • Spells are composed of Factors:
    • Potency, which determines how strong it is.
    • Duration, which determines how long it lasts.
    • Target, which determines how many targets it affects, or how large an area it fills.
  • Each spell has one of these Factors (or in some cases, a completely different, unique Factor) that rolled successes apply to.
  • A spell's other Factors may be increased through purchasing Spell Factors.
    • Instant Spells: For every two dice subtracted from the spellcasting pool, one Spell Factor may be applied to the spell, assuming it is successfully cast.
    • Extended Spells: Each Spell Factor desired to be added to the final spell costs +1 to the Target Number of the spellcasting roll.

Arcanum-Based Factors

Some Arcana also grant the ability to purchase unique Factors:

  • X