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Royal Family

The Clan of Ragnar

King Bjarn Ragnarson
King of Svartsten
King Bjarn is a hero of his people, and they love him for his ambition, his fierceness and his willingness to shed blood in the name of Svartstenfolk. Though he dearly loved his first wife - the Witch-Queen of Svarsten, Gyselle - he despairs over just how ill-suited his melancholy son, Prince Aldimar, is to be his heir.
Queen Ludaya
The Silver-Queen of Svartsten
King Bjarn's first queen, Ludaya is sweet natured and well-spoken - unsurprising, given her birth as the daughter of a very successful Haslanti merchant-prince. Her striking tattoos (a Haslanti affectation in vogue during her adolescence) and her preference for dressing in fine materials always set her apart, and though the Queen-Mother Kalmenia holds her in contempt for her inability to fight, her wit and her tongue serve her better than any axe could.
Queen Anja
The Sword-Queen of Svartsten
King Bjarn's most recent wife, Anja is the daughter of an important war-figure in the Frost Principalities who visited Svarsten on a diplomatic mission a number of years ago. Though King Bjarn claims that the marriage comes with assurances of peace between the nations, most folk know better - Anja's father is not so well-placed that he can truly influence whether or not the Principalities come against Svarsten. For herself, Anja is pleasant enough, and a warrior's daughter without question, skilled with a sword-and-shield. The Queen Mother Kalmenia and she have an on-going feud.
Princess Ithyah Bjarnsdottir
Princess of Svartsten (Daughter of Ludaya) • 17 years
In contrast to the disappointingly melancholy prince, Ithyah is the perfect daughter. A shield-maid that Kalmenia is deeply proud of, with her mother's beauty and social skill, there would be no question of her being elected as the next king of Svarsten...if she were male. Women have been elected by the Jarls before, certainly, but they were usually of last resort. She has just turned 19, but is a blooded warrior.
Queen Mother Kalmenia
The Dowager-Queen of Svarsten
The mother of King Bjarn is a severe woman - the mother of warriors of renown, without question. She first put swords in the hands of her children and grandchildren, and is adamant that they must all learn to fight before they do anything else. She herself was a shield-maiden of great renown, and can still wield a spear with terrifying skill. These days, though, the cold seeps into her bones, and she is more spare with her movements. But her dark eyes see everything, and she is still King Bjarn's first and foremost advisor.

The Temples of Monument

Soaring Hymn
Exisgent Exalted
Soaring Hymn is the Exalt of Y, the god of Temples.

Other Individuals

Master Kasom Greyeye.
Male Heroic Mortal, Guild Factor
Kasom Greyeye is one of the single wealthiest individuals in Svartsten, and is Jod's chief rival for Guild Prince in Svartsten. The Factor for Korsning, he is heavily involved lumber interests throughout the country.
[[Image:|left|200px]] Arryka the Bookbinder
Female Heroic Mortal, Guild Factor

Arryka manages and coordinates all Guild communications, documentation, controls routes and information transfers of said information for all of Svartsten. It is generally assumed that when Jod(her father) eventually steps down from his position in the Guild, she will inherit his ranks and responsibilities. From the way she acts, it’s clear that she considers this to be inevitable, though her father reminds her that the Guild can be fickle about such things. Arryka is strict and has a severity about her that can cut the unwary or foolish, and carries numerous blades upon her person which she is proficient in using to do the same in a more literal sense.
At work she is humorless and precise. But when she is on her own time, her work mask is set aside and she is far more leisurely. She is a consumer and critic of fine wines and spirits and she spends a great deal of time in her hobby as a bookbinder – every ledger, every log book and folio that she uses for work and pleasure, is one that she has made and she is a perfectionist in this matter.

Svartsten Region

The Council of Jarls

The Council is made up of the Jarl's of the most important communities in Svartsten. They are advisers to the king, and will gather five times a year for an Althing to discuss matters of state. However, despite their influence, they have no power to make laws or overrule the King. Their only enshrined ability is the right to choose a new King from among the King's Heirs.

Jarl Leseth Stigson
Male Heroic Mortal, Jarl of Ostigar
Ostigar is currently governed by the King’s cousin; Jarl Leseth Stigson. He has only recently taken up the post after the prior Jarl Hosgar Gnarlsunwas forcibly removed from his post for incompetence and corruption. Leseth was raised and tutored in the King’s castle and was a favorite pupil of Queen Ludaya and shares her disdain for the King’s other brides and their children. He is well educated and fair in his dealings and judgements, but he lacks any sort of warmth.
Jarl Ludvig Ek
Male Air Aspect Dragonblooded, Jarl of Frostmere
Ludvig is by far the youngest of the Jarl's and the only one who is not related to the Noble's of Svartsten.
Lars Knutson
Male Heroic Mortal, Jarl of Skara X
General Description
Jarl Verner Alvarson
Male Heroic Mortal,Jarl of Korsning
Verner Alvarson is the most influential of the Jarl's after the King. He keeps a very firm grip on the reins of Korsning, and his control of this vital trade city has brought him significant amounts of wealth.
Jarl Dag Bjornson
, Jarl of Trosa
General Description
Jarl Sigmund Sigmundson
Male Heroic Mortal, Jarl of Sundsvall
An aging warrior, Jarl Sigmund is well respected as the elder statesman on the council.
Jarl Birgit Falk
Female Heroic Mortal, Jarl of Vasteras
General Description

Svartsten Military

Huskarl Berger Frosttouched, Royal Guard
Male Heroic Mortal
Berger is the commander of the Hogvakt garrison, and one of the most respected warriors in Svartsten. He has fought in two wars against the frozen principalities, including the conflict in which Frostmere was reclaimed, and had been in numerous raids and fights against the northern Barbarians.

Other Exalts

The Witch of the Woods
The Witch of the Woods is the stuff of Legends in Svartsten. Children are warned to be good or the Witch of the Woods will take them (possibly to eat). There are many stories depicting her as a villain, cursing some and tricking others into horrific deals. Other stories show her as a trickster who tests the hero and then gives them much needed aid.

Only the best informed scholars know that she is Dragonblooded and lives somewhere deep in the woods to the North of Svartsten.