The Scythian

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  • Origin: Last Paragon of the Scythians
  • Power Level: 8 (120 PP: Abilities 82 • Defenses 0 • Skills 6 • Advantages 3 • Powers 29)



82 pts
Strength 8, Stamina 8, Agility 8, Dexterity 8, Fighting 8, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence 0


0 pts
Dodge 8 (8+0), Fortitude 8 (8+0), Parry 8 (8+0), Toughness 8 (8+0), Will 1 (1+0)


6 pts
Acrobatics +1, Athletics +3, Intimidation +3, Perception +3, Stealth +1, Vehicles (Motorcycle) +1


3 pts

  • Improved Initiative (1): Combat (Ranked). Gain +4 to initiative per rank.
  • Interpose: General. Once per round, may interpose self between an ally and an attack roll aimed at them; must be within movement area.
  • Quick Draw: Combat. May draw a weapon from holster or sheathe as a free action.


29 pts
The Last Paragons are called so for the dual perfection they achieve: they are paragons in mind and body, finely tuned instruments of battle.

A Paragon in Mind

10 pts
Last Paragons are singularly well equipped to survive as the last members of their people. Their minds sharpen to nearly inhuman levels, providing understanding of all languages, increased senses and the like.

  • Mastery of Tongues: 2 ranks • Comprehend (All Languages) • No Action, Self, Permanent, 2 pts per rank
  • Paragon's Senses: 6 ranks • Senses • No Action, Self, Permanent, 1 pt per rank
    • Danger Sense (1pt): Perception check (DC 10) to avoid being surprised in combat. One Degree: Not surprised, but cannot take actions. Two+ Degrees: Not surprised and may take actions. GM may raise the DC in some circumstances.
    • Darkvision (2pt): May see in complete darkness.
    • Distance Sense (1pt): Always know what direction is north, and can retrace steps through any place been.
    • Extended Visual (1pt): Sight operates at greater distances, changing factor of distances to Perception checks. Gain -1 Perception checks per 100 feet (rather than normal 10).
    • Tracking (1pt): Track with Perception. Normal DC is 10, modified by circumstances. Move at speed rank -1 while tracking.

A Paragon in Body

8 pts
The body of a Last Paragon is sacrosanct, immune to aging, disease and poisons, capable of great feats of leaping, and regenerating from devastating wounds.

  • Last Paragon's Sanctity: 3 ranks • Immunity (aging, disease, poison) • No Action, Self, Permanent, 1 pt per rank
  • Paragon's Recovery: 5 ranks • Regeneration • No Action, Self, Permanent, 1 pt per rank • Heal one -1 Toughness penalty every other round, then recover one damage condition every other round, starting with the most severe.

A Paragon in Battle

5 ptsAlternate Effect Power
A Paragon develops incredible skills to go along with their powerful bodies. The Scythian's leaping and blinding prowess in battle attests to this.

  • Warrior's Spring: 8 ranks • Leaping • Move Action, Self, Instantaneous, 1 pt per 2 ranks • Flaws: Athletics Action Required
    • Distance (Athletics DC): 15 ft (DC 10) • 30 ft (DC 11) • 60 ft (DC 12) • 120 ft (DC 13) • 250 ft (DC 14) • 500 ft (DC 15) • 900 ft (DC 16) • 1800 ft (DC 17)
  • Warrior's Skill: 8 ranks • Multiattack Modifier to Strength damage • Standard Action, Close, Instantaneous, 1 pt per 2 ranks • Flaws: Athletic Action Required (DC 17)

Arpada's Bow (Device)

6 pts
The bow that the Scythian wields was a gift to her by the spiritualists of her tribe, upon the day she was acknowledged as an arpada (warrior-queen) of her tribe. It is a bow made of fine horn, inlaid with woven strands of silver.

  • Arrow: 8 ranks • Ranged Damage (Applied to Strength damage) • Standard Action, Extended Range (800/1600/3200), Instantaneous, 1 pt per 2 ranks, +2 flat pts • Extras: Extended Range (x2), Increase Range (Ranged: 800/1600/3200 ft), Multiattack, Precise • Flaws: Removable (Easy)

Xyrenka Arpada

  • The Scythian goes by the name Xyrenka Arpada (her first name is pronounced "SHEE-ren-ka").
  • Xyrenka rides a motorcycle, and tends to prefer simple leathers-and-Levis, with big combat boots for her daily wear.


  • Xyrenka has spent the majority of her life as a nomad, traveling the world.
  • In the Roman era, she traveled to some of the Gaulish and Germanic countries, and was present at the sacking of Rome.
  • In the early Middle Ages, she served as a bodyguard for various personages over the years, usually noble ladies. Toward the mid-Medieval, she grew weary of the assumptions about her because of her sex, and traveled east, finding her way among the peoples of India, and then the Mongols.
  • She spent some of her time in southeast Asia, Imperial China and feudal Japan as a mercenary.
  • After the visits of Marco Polo, she returned to Europe with the Dutch, disguised as a man. She found shipboard life suited her well.
  • Before long, she found her way into a life of piracy, once again making a name for herself as a notorious pirate queen, Queen Enka the Bonny.
  • When the nations of Europe discovered the Americas, she followed and helped to establish piracy in the Caribbean.
  • Intrigued by the tales of home from some of the free slaves who joined her pirate crew, she sailed to Africa, and spent several generations exploring it from South Africa, eventually making her way up to the Middle East.
  • She eventually found her way to the settling of the American colonies, and made a name for herself as a frontiers-woman.
  • She remained almost always on the move over those years, ultimately ending up in the Wild West.
  • She was present in San Francisco for the Gold Rush, and became fascinated with tales of the Suffragette movements in Europe and the American East Coast.
  • With the onset of the various World Wars, she found her way onto the battlefields of Europe, again disguised as a man. Here, she found other Last Paragons drawn into the conflict as well, coming into conflict with Aquila, the Last Paragon of Rome, and the Reaver, the Last Paragon of the Teutons.
  • With the onset of the modern era, she has found a great deal of affinity to biker gangs and their culture, seeing in them a reflection of Scythian ideals.