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The Gem of the North
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  • Dusken Glade Inn: Inn. A popular musical venue and nightspot in Waterdeep's Twilight Vaeteru (queer subculture), the Dusken Glade is known for its fabulous music, its strong drink, and for its all-marble, scalding hot baths. The establishment sees patronage from nobles, tradesfolk, and city-workers (both bureaucratic and military), making it a sometimes-rowdy place that is usually a lot of fun. (A four story (with basement) inn.)


  • Oblerthar & Heirs Fine Steel: Arms & Armors. Gundr Oblerthar and his children Jemninda and Gallorn sell weapons and armaments out of this shop. They are not smiths themselves; instead, they are the brokers for a variety of shield dwarvens guildcrafters in and around Waterdeep. The Oblerthar family (including Gundr's dear wife Dael) live in the apartments above the shop, and they let the other two floors of rooms above that. (A four story (no basement) ground-floor shop with apartments above (B) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • Potions & Notions: Alchemist & Apothecary. The shop of Master Alchemist Veiran Inthann bears two marks beside it door: his Master's Seal with the Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians, and the heraldry of House De'spri. Veiran is a skill alchemist and medicines-maker, and funded the recent establishment of his shop with funds from House De'spri. His shop is in good condition, three stories in height, with apartments in the floors above (one set of which he himself lives in, and another he sets aside for the use of his apprentices Brirryl and Xathn).
  • A Cut Above Clothiers: Seamstress. A clothier shop owned by Zirisstra and Fezelvinn, a pair of drow sisters who have gained a reputation for fine garments that cater to swordswomen and lady-venturers. They even sell some garments with an enchantment that allows the clothing to repair itself, though the price for such is of course high. (A three story (no basement) ground-floor shop with apartments above (C) that is well-worn with heavy daily use.)
  • Cinderworth's Fine Chapeaus + Ilindamar's Mantleworks: Haberdasher/Cloakmaker. The fire genasi Cinderworth is a haberdasher whose designs are all the rage right now in certain circles. In the same building is the tailor Ilindamar Daymoot, a moon elf who specializes in waistcoats, coats, cloaks, and capes. (A three story (with basement) ground-floor shop with apartments above (B) that is brand new, entirely without wear.)
  • Seldinwyr's Perfumerie: Perfumes and Oils. The half-elf Gyrin Seldinwyr owns this perfume shop. It is staffed solely by him and a small collection of helpful pixies who are glad to show clients just how and where to apply the masterful scents. (A one story (no basement) shop (D) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • Amphail's Finest: Stables. An Ilzimmer-owned stables, Amphail's Finest does sell some horses, notably the fine Amphail grey. For the most part, however, they simply rent out stable space and animal care to those folk in the city who own horses and need a place to house them. (A two story (no basement) former warehouse (B) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • The Elbor Sisters Confectionary: Confectionary. The plump Elbor Sisters have run their confectionary in this spot for thirty years, and everyone in the neighborhood knows them well. They delight in good manners, and all the children in the neighborhood know that if they see one of the sisters and quickly run up with a greeting showing off good manners, they're likely to be rewarded with an apron-pocket sweet. (A two story (with basement) ground-floor shop with offices and apartments above (C) that is undergoing renovations due to age.)
  • Old Summerleaf's Pipes: Tobacconist. The Summerleaf halfling family is well-known throughout the Delimbyr Vale for the quality of their smokeleaf. Minda Summerleaf sells her family's goods here, and her husband Rudley hand-carves fine wooden pipes for their customers as well. Summerleafs have operated this shop for three generations, and they're a fixture in the neighborhood. (A two story (no basement) large shop with storage above (C) that is in good condition, well-kept and clean)
  • Archibald's Folios: Books & Broadsheets. The half-orc bookseller Archibald Strongjaw has an impressive array of reading intended for casual perusal rather than a sage's work-shelf. He sells a great deal of adventure pulps – of both bawdy and tame content – and particularly specializes in vaeterann content, making his shop a defacto site of Twilight Vaeteru for Waterdeep. His shop is somewhat old and undergoing spotty renovations at the moment, such that one of the tenants who usually occupies the rooms in one of the two floors above the shop have had to move out while it is worked on. Archibald himself lives in the basements of the building.
  • Nanny's Teatime: Tea House. A beautifully appointed tea house that offers a quiet and reflective atmosphere along with a splendid array of domestic and exotic teas and snacks, owned and run by Nanny Rumtingle. Those who are in the know of such things are aware, however, that she has another business, secreted away in the basements: a mordayn vapor den! (A three story (with basement) ground-floor shop with apartments above (C) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)


  • High Road Rooms: Boarding House (Modest). (A three story (no basement) rooming house (C) that is brand new, entirely without wear)
  • Sammerza Margaster's Residence: Private Residence. The residence of noted socialite and merchant princess Sammerza Margaster. Rumors say that she attempted to be named the heir for House Margaster through blackmail and intrigues, but was discovered and effectively banished from the Margaster household. Regardless, her residence is opulent and frequently sees guests at all hours, with the added splendor of a large dinner party at least once a tenday. (A one story (with basement) residence of a noble individual (B) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • Mothers Drimmolle Rooming House: Boarding House (Modest). The Mothers Drimmolle – a kindly pair of ladywives named Mishaelle and Irinna – run their rooming house for artists and musicians. They cultivate a rarified environment where their residents can be inspired and left in peace to create, and the Mother Drimmolle consider themselves patrons of the arts in their own way. (A two story (no basement) rooming house (B) that is in good condition, well-kept and clean.)
  • Herrim & Illalden Residence: Multi-Family Residence (Modest). Residence for the Herrim and Illalden families. (A one story (with basement) multi-family dwelling (D) that is ramshackle and in need of repair)
  • Urshar Residence: Residence. Residence for the Urshar family. (A one story (with basement) single-family dwelling (D) that is in good condition, well-kept and clean)
  • Amethyst Eaves: Boarding House (Poor). A rundown and ramshackle boarding house best known for the garish hue of purple paint used on the eaves and shutters of the building. It always appears freshly touched up, even as the rest of the paint weathers and flakes badly. (A two story (with basement) rooming house (B) that is ramshackle and in need of repair)
  • Droverhall: Boarding House (Poor). A large establishment with small rooms and the very basic necessities, Droverhall tends to rent mostly to caravan guards and workers, who often spend weeks away from their residences at a time. The establishment not only provides good locks for long-term security while a resident is away, but if their paid-in-advance coin runs out, the management vows to store their goods for up to two years before getting rid of anything. (A three story (with basement) rooming house (C) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • Andamar Estates: Apartment Blocks (Poor). "The Estates" are a trio of large buildings, with very basic living spaces for those who struggle to make ends meet. Unfortunately, they have something of a reputation as a den for thieves, drug-users, and other shady sorts. Though they are three separate buildings, some of the residents have constructed temporary bridges between windows, providing ins and outs of all sorts. (North is a three story (no basement) apartment block (C) that is in pristine condition, recently upkept; Central is a two story (no basement) apartment block (C) that is ramshackle and in need of repair; South is a two story (no basement) apartment block (C) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • Aunferyn Residence: Residence. Residence for the Aunferyn family. (A one story (with basement) multi-family dwelling (D) that is ramshackle and in need of repair)
  • Ithilien's Corner: Boarding House (Modest). A modest, tidy rooming house run by Ithilien Mistseer, a moon elf proprietor of advanced age. (A one story (no basement) rooming house (D) that is in good condition, well-kept and clean)
  • Jenoril Ambergleam Residence: Residence. Residence of the elven wizard Jenoril Ambergleam. He has rented both dwellings. (A one story (with basement) multi-family dwelling (D) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • The Yewhammer Brothers: Residence. Residence of Beruth and Oledil Yewhammer, dwarven laborers. (A one story (no basement) dwelling with space shared with rental storage space (D) that is undergoing renovations due to age)
  • Lyskan Hesune, Sage: Residence + Sage (History). The residence of historian Lyskan Hesune. (A one story (no basement) dwelling with space shared with rental storage space (D) that is well-worn with heavy daily use)
  • Hin-Home: Boarding House (Modest). Though a relatively small building, this rooming house is set up to accommodate hin (as halfling folk often refer to themselves). (A one story (with basement) rooming house (D) that is undergoing renovations due to age)
  • Cragsmere Residence: Private Residence. After the corner house was purchased, it was nearly a year before the army of workers finished renovations. The last thing they did was affix a brass plaque with the Cragsmere heraldry; the very next day, the family moved in. A married couple, expecting their first child, have taken residence, along with a cousin, all of whom seem to be delighted to be away from the main Cragsmere villa. (A three story (with basement) residence of a family of noble birth (B) that is in pristine condition, recently upkept)


  • Monastery of the Sun: Order of the Sun Soul Monks. A monastery dedicated to the three patron deities of the Order of the Sun Soul: Amanautor, Lathander, and Selûne.

Notable Folk

Abbot Alger of Amanautor
Abbot of the Monastery of the Sun
The stern disciplined leader of the Monastery of the Sun is a familiar face throughout the neighborhood. Where some of his adherents prefer the solitude of the monastery's sequesters, Abbot Alger gets out and about, meeting the neighbors and lending a hand where he can. He doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty, and the locals love him for it.

Archibald & Mogrusk Strongjaw
Proprietor of Strongjaw's Folios & Husband
Archibald is the half-orc proprietor of Strongjaw's Folios, a bookshop. While it has a selection of the sort of tomes that sages and scholars need and purchase, he also carries a staggering array of pleasure reading, in the form of various adventure pulps and series. In particular, his shop boasts the largest collection of vaeterann (queer) adventure fiction, featuring many a battlebud and dantha bladejacks. Archibald is also a broadsheet printer, releasing The Weekly Winker, which focuses on all the best gossip and news from Twilight Vaeteru.

Archibald's half-orc husband is a big, burly fellow who also just happens to be a master of hair-crafting. His business caters to the very wealthy; ostensibly, they are hiring the human hairdresser Allesia, who arrives with Mogrusk posing as her bodyguard, but once inside, Allesia acts as Mogrusk's assistant.
Proprietor of Cinderworth's Fine Chapeaus
Despite his fiery demeanor, Cinderworth is a gentle soul who loves making people look sharp with his creations. His hats are very fine work indeed, and unlike many habidashers, Cinderworth doesn't use artificial heat to mold his works: he produces sufficient heat on his own to mold them by hand. He claims the extra attention and love is what makes them a mark above.
Master Blademonk of the Monastery of the Sun
Curmudgeonly and prone to surly bouts of silence that he calls meditation, Dumak is a githzerai swordmaster, a monk who has dedicated his life to perfecting swordsmanship. About the only person he can stand to be around is the young aarakocra monk Clarc, who is his apprentice in the sword-arts. The younger monks call him the "Monastery Ghost", as he is almost never seen before early afternoon, and remains awake all night, slipping off to his chamber to sleep just before sunrise, "so as not to get in the way of all the sun-worship around here."

Fezelvinn & Zirisstra V'arenna
Proprietors of A Cut Above • Members of the Promenade-in-Exile
The sisters Fezelvinn and Zirisstra V'arenna are a pair of drow clothiers who run the shop A Cut Above (which features a delightful sign featuring an inky-black drow silhouette, with eyes, smile, and a bit of hair picked out in white, hanging upside down, brandishing shears). Members of the small but growing contingent of Eilistraean drow living in Waterdeep, their ownership of their building was hard-fought and not easily won. Now, they make good on the efforts of the Promenade-in-Exile's allies who aided them by running a prosperous business and providing living space for fellow drow newly arrived to the city. They also occasionally employ these drow and help them become accustomed to the strange surface life in Waterdeep.

Fezelvinn is quiet and intense, the older sister whose skill at tailory is quite impressive. She is the business-person and main creator, with a strong sense of responsibility and a quiet, deep grateful reverence to Eilistraee. She is also the one who has taken the longest to become accustomed to Waterdeep's ways, though she is getting there. She is still usually uncomfortable going out by day, and often cowls and cloaks herself when she does so. She is also frequently uncomfortable with the stares she receives in public. That said, she has a strong, deliberately-cultivated relationship with the Watch.

In contrast, Zirisstra is something of a laughing attention-hound. She is also quite the fashion-plate, paying attention to the comings and goings of noble taste, so much so that her own creations have become fairly popular among them. Zirisstra is quite the socialite, and can often be found in the company of a few noble friends out on the town. Fortunately, she is also a sorceress whose flight from Eryndlyn beneath the High Moors (destroyed during the Spellplague) allowed she and her sister to flee to the surface, where Zirisstra could practice her arcane gifts unfettered. Despite her years of life, she is a relatively low-power magician, though her gifts are more than sufficient to allow her to work various small enchantments on the garments she and her sister make.
Gyrin Seldinwyr
Proprietor of Seldinwyr's Perfumerie
Dashing and flirtateous, Gyrin Seldinwyr makes fine perfumes and colognes for discriminating customers. By and large, he mostly sells pre-prepared formulae, but for some customers he will design unique, signature scents for a fine fee. His business is still young, though it is growing quickly: his scents are excellent and they last, and his shop - with its small cluster of helpful pixies just strong enough to lift single bottles of scents for customers - is a spectacle not to be missed.
Ilindamar Daymoot
Proprietor of Ilindamar's Mantleworks
The handsome moon elf Ilindamar Daymoot is a tailor of fine waistcoats, vests, mantles, cloaks, capes, and coats. Sharing a building with Cinderworth, his customers appreciate his refined taste in fashion. He is nowhere near avant garde, and that is what gets him some of his best custom: he is sought after for traditional, refined overgarments that speak of taste and refinement. As if this weren't enough, his quiet, subtle flirtations make sure that a good many of his customers come back again and again. Ilindamar has had some trouble in recent days from certain members of the Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers who insist that he ought to join their guild.

Irinna & Mishaelle Drimmolle
Proprietors of Mothers Drimmolle Rooming House
An older married couple, the Mothers Drimmolle run their boarding house as an artist's refuge. They prefer to rent mostly to painters and sculptors and others who make art. In some regard, the two ladywives consider themselves patrons of the arts, insofar as someone who is not wealthy can be. They often forgive late rents and odd eccentricities, and their boarding house is decorated with a stunning array of art from grateful residents.

Irinna is a sweet-natured woman who likes cooking and greatly admires the artistic talents of those around her. Some of the residents call her the "Silent Lady," as a childhood illness left Irinna deaf. She can read lips quite capably, though, and has a full language of hand-signs that Mishaelle is very fluent in, and many of her residents pick up bits of here and there. She is very moved by art, sometimes even moved to tears, so many of her artist residents are very protective of her, grateful for someone who appreciates their work as she does.

Mishaelle is something of an artist herself, lovingly working on clay sculpture and pottery in the rooming house's large communal workshop (which includes her modest kiln, available for residents' use, of course). Mishaelle loves a good brandy, and the root-vegetable wines made by halfling vintners, and she has a sharp critic's eye for artwork; where Irinna is the ever-adoring fan of one's work, Mishaelle can tell the artist how to improve on what their doing, and help them better define what they're trying to do. She never offers this critique without being asked, however, though all residents quickly learn the "danger" of asking her what she thinks about a piece.
Jenoril Ambergleam
A severe sun elf bearing a set of flowing facial scars, Jenoril rarely smiles - not for any lack of amity, it seems, but because the gesture appears to pain him. He is something of a private individual, remaining largely locked away in his residence, which the youth of the street to like sneak up on and try to peer in the drapes-shrouded windows, trying to confirm any of the outrageous rumors the locals like to tell about Jenoril. He lives alone in his residence, with no family, apprentices, or servants, though he will occasionally venture out to destinations well outside of the neighborhood, usually with his face hooded.
Lessemas of Lathander
Monk at the Monastery of the Sun
A strikingly handsome half-elf monk, Lessemas is usually up with the dawn, performing his forms in the courtyard space just outside of the Monastery of the Sun. Quiet and contemplative, Lessemas has caused quite a stir before in the Dusken Glade and a few other places (some of the ladies at the Andamar Estates like to come out to fetch water at the water pump when he's doing his forms for exactly this reason). No one really knows if he's taken some kind of oath of chastity of some kind, though it's a favorite bit of neighborhood speculation. Those who watch him carefully can usually tell he's not unaware of this odd effect, even if he doesn't pay too much attention to it.
Nanny Rumtingle
Proprietor of Nanny's Teatime
The sweet-faced gnomish matron Nanny Rumtingle runs a charming tea-house. She herself seems to know everyone's name, and loves to help folk discover what sort of tea they will like best. She never answers direct questions about her life, sometimes claiming to have lived too long to remember such small details, though she always has a small cluster of "grand-niblings" about, as she calls the young, capable gnomes who seem to congregate around her.
Sammerza Margaster
Merchant Princess
Something of a firebrand, Sammerza is a Margaster through and through. In addition to fattening the coffers of her House, she has accumulated a significant personal fortune as well, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. She invests in a variety of mercantile expeditions that are risky but stand to pay off, but a great deal of her wealth is said to be in caravans between Waterdeep and still-struggling Neverwinter. She is also a controlling investor in the Vandarleth Trading Coster as well. She clearly enjoys the sort of lavish life that her wealth gets her, and her home is whispered to be filled with not just the most opulent of trinkets, but the deadly traps, wards, and guardians necessary to deal with the inevitable thieves who try to steal them.

Shierra & Shyrrel Elbor
Proprietors of Elbor Sisters Confectionary
The Elbor Sisters (who are fraternal twins) are a delight to be around. They always have "good manners sweets" in apron pockets to reward littles they encounter who are nice and polite (even if they're faking it just for a bit of toffee or rose chew), and the sweetest aroma that just never quite seems to get too sickening always surrounds their confectionary. Folk seem to love their fine Maztican chocolates, as well as their lavendar sweets.

Shierra has a marvelous singing voice, often singing while she works in the kitchens of the confectionary. She is a devotee of Milil, and loves the theater, often bringing ribbon-bedecked parcels of sweets to the star singers in place of bouquets. She was married once, in her early adulthood, but doesn't talk about it, seeming sad at the topic of marriage (a situation where her sister Shyrrel will quickly step in with a saucy observation and change of subject).

Shyrrel acts as Shierra's hand in the kitchen, but largely runs the counter. She is friendly and very knowledgeable about their wares; she has a trick where she can pinpoint "just the perfect sweet" for someone by asking them what their favorite flower and alcohol are. She looks out for her twin, and can be quite sharp with words, paired with a sharp eye and insight. She is also the one who designs the various beribboned boxes and baskets the confectionary sells their goods in.
Veiran Inthann
Proprietor of Notions & Potions
A master apothecary with the Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians, as well as a House De'spri-trained master alchemist, Veiran's shop is heavily invested in by his patron House. Veiran himself is a blandly pleasant and blandly handsome fellow, with enough charm to make him a successful businessman without being overly memorable. His connections are enough to make him the alchemist of choice to several noble houses in Waterdeep, however, and his business is quite prosperous. He also volunteers compounding medicines at the nearby Hospice of St. Laupsenn, an Ilmatari charity hospital.