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"The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself." - Douglas MacArthur



Acanthus; Free Council; Sisterhood of the Blessed; Cabal (Position)

Gregory Faust (born Hugh Bachmeier II); Fortitude/Greed; The Spy

Hugh Bachmeier II was born in Michigan a mere three days after his parents, Adelaide and Hugh Bachmeier had attained citizenship in the US. He lived a relatively unremarkable childhood, which would herald a similarly unremarkable era ranging from adolescence to early adulthood. Hugh attended college and then enrolled with the Detroit Police Department (DPD). He wasn't there very long before he began an internship with Interpol, specializing in criminal intelligence surveillance and analysis.

Hugh was working with Project Pink Panthers, an Interpol division tasked with monitoring and capturing members of the Pink Panthers, a group behind armed robberies targeting high-end jewellery stores in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Foolishness, greed and opportunity conspired and Hugh found himself on the Pink Panthers' payroll after a couple of years on the project. He would see to it that incriminating surveillance would go unnoticed or missing.

Things were going well until he was eventually caught in the act. Hugh had spent days bouncing back and forth from a holding cell and an interrogation room, dreading what could only be a new life of imprisonment ahead of him when he had his Awakening. Everything changed and he knew that his doom was not as certain as he had believed it to be. He could see the threads of fate behind his actions and how they impacted creation. He began delicately tugging upon these threads, pulling them towards and around himself like a comforting blanket, and pushing harmful threads away. Two days later a higher up with Interpol approached him with an offer: all charges would be dropped against him and he would be placed within the witness protection program in exchange for intelligence that would result in a number of high profile arrests within the Pink Panthers, nor would he ever be allowed to work in any sort of law enforcement again. He took the offer with barely a moment of thought about it. There might be consequences in the future, but he'd rather deal with "maybe" in the future over certain imprisonment in the present.

Hugh was placed under house arrest in a tiny apartment in New York, forbidden to contact anyone from his old life. Two years later, following presentation of supposedly destroyed video footage and a number of witness testimonies that resulted in several successful criminal arrests, Hugh Bachmeier II vanished from the face of the planet never to be seen again.

Gregory Faust, native of Chillicothe, Ohio...wherever that is, and happy resident of Portland, Oregon, was retroactively born into the world a few months later. Gregory had an unexpected windfall and a tidy sum of money fell into his lap. How fortunate! He used these funds and started Faust Security Systems, an immediately successful cctv and security system company that performs installation and monitoring services for homes, businesses and government contracts. Gregory is not well known for his role in his company outside of the office, preferring to keep a low professional profile. Gregory has become friends with a number of the well to do women in Portland and is often invited by them to a variety of social events and society parties.

Gregory is relatively new to the Free Council, having finally chosen them after stalling his Silver Ladder instructor who had been attempting to recruit him upon having discovered him shortly after he had arrived in Portland.


They adore him because he is geeky and gay and fun and super lucky to hang out with. He always has the fun adventures (of the kind where you accidentally find passes to a party no one knew was happening, which turns out to be full of celebrities you love, and then your favorite designer turns out to be there, and none of the models fit one of his dresses except for you, so he insists you take it home with you).
- Veles, discussing Vigil's interactions with society matrons

  • Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 2; Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2; Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
  • Abilities: Academics 1, Computer 3 (hacking), Crafts 2, Investigation 1, Politics 1, Science 3 (electrodynamics), Firearms 1, Larceny 2, Stealth 1, Persuasion 3 (sales), Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2
  • Merits: High Speech, Eidetic Memory, Ritual Improv., Allies (Portland Society Wives) 1, Contacts 2 (police, government), Resources 4, Status 3 (corporate executive), Rank: Free Council 1 (discount: craftsman merits), Make Do 2, Supernal Tolerance (Composure)
  • Flaws: Secret Past
  • Advantages: Health 7, Willpower 5, Wisdom 6, Size 5, Speed 9, Defense 2 (Armor -), Initiative 5
  • Nimbus: The static sound of a radio being tuned without success pervades just beyond the background sounds of the world, and you're pretty sure you hear voices within the static, but you're not quite sure if they're talking - they're singing? Did one of them just say your name? Another voice! And you're positive they said your name too! Voices talking...or singing about you... /shifty eyes/
  • Magic: Gnosis 3; Fate 4, Forces 2, Space 2, Time 1
  • Spell Tolerance: 2/2; Spell Control: 2/6

Active Spells, Self

  • Fortune's Protection + Serendipity (Fate •• + Fate •••): Potency 10/3, Duration 4/4. These spells are cast on Vigil personally, and renewed once a month. (Average Casting Time: 7 hours)
  • The Sybil's Sight + Tune In (Fate • + Forces •): Potency 6/1, Duration 4/4. These spells are cast on Vigil personally, and renewed once a month. (Average Casting Time: 5 hours)

Active Spells, Other


  • Universal Remote: "Trigger Electronic Device", Forces•, Intelligence+Computer+Forces; (optional phantom dice for factors) +1 for use of computing device, +1 by spending 5 minutes writing code
  • Rabbit Ears: "Tune In", Forces•, Wits+Science+Forces+1 (Free Council);
  • Big Brother: "Circuit Television", Forces••, Wits+Composure+Forces;
  • Radio Personality: "Transmission", Forces••, Persuasion+Manipulation+Forces+1 (Free Council); (optional phantom dice for factors) +1 by spending at least a minute sweet-talking the electromagnetic field, +1 or +2 with use of transmission equipment (car antenna vs. radio station transmitter tower)

Sisterhood of the Blessed

Legacy: Sisterhood of the Blessed; Attainments: 1st — Good Fortune, 2nd — X, 3rd — X

  • Good Fortune

Members of this Legacy are blessed with perpetual luck. Unless they exert themselves and deliberately seek to turn fate to their benefit, this blessing is relatively minor, but they can choose to make it more powerful and focused. The Blessed are continually under the benefit of the "Winds of Chance" spell(Mage: The Awakening, p. 150) and need do nothing to gain this benefit. While they cannot use this effect to give others bad luck, they are assured a host of minor coincidences will make their lives slightly easier and more pleasant than they otherwise might be. In addition, by simply wishing for something and making a successful Manipulation + Subterfuge + Fate roll, the Blessed can gain the benefit of the "Shifting the Odds" spell (Mage: The Awakening, p. 153), thus allowing her to cause luck to help her attain a specific goal.

Ownership & Possession

  • Possessions: messenger bag, laptop, tablet, smartphone, wireless headphones/mic, couple of books, snacks, journal, pens, bottled water, pocket knife, pipe/tools, tobacco, wallet, keys
    • Magical Items:
    • Magical Tools: smartphone (order), scarab amulet (fate), bracelet made from kite string & key (forces), watch (time), 3' tape measure (space)
    • Weapons: glock 9mm (dmg 2, range 20/40/28, clip 17+1, str 2, size I, cost 3)
  • Sympathy Bag:
  • Residence: a lovely, posh condo in the Pearl District

Experience Points

Earned: 8+0a (arcane)
  • Starting Total: 70 (65+5 from loss of Wisdom)
  • Session 2.6.13: 8
  • Session 3.7.13: 0

Spent: 73; Unspent: 6+0a

  • Purchased: Space 1 (7)
  • Purchased: Space 2 (14)
  • Purchased: Ritual Improv (2)
  • Purchased: Contacts 2 (4)
  • Purchased: Fate 4 (24)
  • Purchased: Make Do 1 (1)
  • Purchased: Make Do 2 (2)
  • Purchased: Status 1-3 (12)
  • Purchased: Allies (Portland Society Wives) 1 (2)
  • Purchased: Supernal Tolerance (Composure): (4)