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General Notes

Update 1

Nothing to report so far. Neither Tyler Kearns or Andrew Coleman are active in any current databases. I have my secretary searching through public photo archives and social media.

Update 2

I think I found the grandfather of Tyler Kearns, asside from difference in hair style and clothing he is the spitting image of the target. While his death certificate shows him as dying in 1966 with no descendants, this is obviously not fully accurate. He is also disturbingly well connected into the local criminal underworld. After a few inquiries with some fo my better sources, I have discovered that Kearns seems to be able to move freely between many local gans I plan to make inquiries with the Detroit PD's Gang Task Force.
I have no real leads on any of the others yet.

Update 3

I have located addition information on Mikal Leonard. He was somewhat tricker to track down as he is older then he looks in his photo, so my estimate of his age was off by almost 10 years. See attached profile notes, but he seems to be a real piece of work.
As best as I can determine all four targets are actively involved with organized crime. You are officially not paying me enough for this.

Update 4

Attempts to establish surveillance during the day on any of the targets have failed. When working my informants I have determined that meet primarily at night. Attempting direct surveillance at night worked much better.
In addition I have managed to match Sarah to an identical picture dating back to the 20's. I want an explanation about what is going on, as this is incredibly suspicious.

Update 5

For a moment I though I was made while tailing Sarah. She looked directly at where I was hiding but continued about her business. I broke off the tail and took an evasive route back to my office. As a precaution I am sending all information gained to date. My secretary is going to go visit her family out of state.

Specific Profiles

Mikal Leonard
  • Mikal was the easiest of these four to track down.
  • He has an extensive criminal record, including juvenile arrests for drug possession and assaults.
  • GTF suspects his involvement in the Hustle Street Boys.
  • Current Surveillance shows him interacting with multiple gangs including the Hustle Street Boys. He dosen't wear colors except occasionally when interacting with the HSB.
Tyler Kearns

  • Probable Grandson of Tyler Kearns, a member of the Black Panthers and civil rights activist in the 60's.
  • Affiliated with several local African American gangs. He does not appear to be a member of any of them, but can interact freely with their membership.

  • Matches Picture of Sarah Cooper, an industrialists daughter who went missing in 1923.
  • There are zero current records that I can match the face and name to.
  • She is most commonly seen in the company of Tyler Kearns.
Andrew Coleman
  • This man is effectively a cipher. Nothing has turned up in any background searches, and his photo doesn't match any of the people associated with his name.
  • Given the wear and tear on his clothing in the photo, I have started looking for him among the homeless population of the city.