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* '''[[Dvaravat]]''', a strange extradimensional nightclub and lounge for the world's magicians
* '''[[Dvaravat]]''', a strange extradimensional nightclub and lounge for the world's magicians
* '''The River Styx''', a metaphysical underworld realm
* '''The [[River Styx]]''', a metaphysical underworld realm

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You live at the edge of a world of magic. It's not a fanciful wizarding world, with hidden schools and magical bureaucracies. It is a world of fearful solitude, too dangerous to risk exposing those without your gifts to it. You may not even want to be part of it, but you are, thanks to your Legacy.

You may be a Sorcerer, and have the ability to actually wield magic. Perhaps your talent is natural, or perhaps you have been trained by someone: another magician, a tutelary spirit, a codex of ancient lore. However you come to wield these powers, they all come at a price.

You may be a Reliquarian, entrusted or cursed with a magical relic that grants you frightening powers. There are many who seek what you now possess, and they will not stop until they take it from you. Fortunately, the power you've gained from the relic has been enough to stop them...for now.

You may be one of the Invested, those imbued with the power of a single city that has risen to greatness sufficient to allow the city to choose a champion who defends and represents it. You are one such, given greatness of physical form and minor powers representative of the spirit of the place you call home, and which has called you its own.

You may be one of the Invictus, the last warrior champion of a now-fallen culture, empowered by the end of those people to represent them unto eternity. You are immortal and powerful, invested with gifts, but no demands on how you should use such abilities other than what you make for yourself.

Player Characters

  • Sedona played by Dan
  • Tempus, a man out of time; played by Kurt


World of Wardens Map



  • The Zodiac Society, an archaeological and historical society
  • Shaitan, an arcane global criminal syndicate
  • Order of the Hammer, a witch hunting conspiracy
  • Novus Ordo Seclorum, a rumored cabal of sorcerers and other esoteric entities who use their abilities to influence or even control mortal governments.


  • Dvaravat, a strange extradimensional nightclub and lounge for the world's magicians
  • The River Styx, a metaphysical underworld realm