Wardens Invictus

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  • Each of the Invictus is a surviving warrior or defender of a now-fallen culture or civilization. Each of them must have been in some way a power in its time.
  • The Invictus are literally immortal survivors of the twilight years of their culture, and were always fighters of some kind. They may have minor powers that reflect the nature, spirit, and themes of their culture.
  • Additionally, each of the Invictus gains a package of abilities. These are just the basics of these abilities – many Invictus develop stronger or more specific refinements of these conceptual powers:
    • Invictus: 22 power points.
      • Unconquered in Mind (10 pts): Mastery of Tongues (Comprehend 2, all languages) • Unconquered Senses (Senses 6: Danger Sense, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Extended Visual, Tracking)
      • Unconquered in Body (8 pts): Sanctity (Immunity 3: aging, disease, poison) • Recovery (Regeneration 5)
      • Unconquered in Battle (4 pts): Warrior's Spring (Leaping 8, Athletics Action required)

Known Invictus