Wardens Sorcerers

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  • Each sorcerer focuses on a type of magic: the otherworldly source that the sorcerer draws up on for their magics. These will come as a "package" of spells, Modifiers, Complications, and Advantages.
  • Sorcerers use invocations, which are explicitly a basic power with a specific list of Alternate Effects that can be gained as part of mastery of that invocation. The exact invocations available will depend on the magical type the sorcerer practices.
  • Confer with the Narrator to determine what kind of magician you wish to start as, and to generate a set of invocations appropriate to that concept.
  • All sorcerers also have the Sorcerer Complication:
    • Sorcerer (Complication): In order to use your magics, you must be able to speak and gesture. If you cannot do both of these, you cannot use your Sorcerous Arcana. (You may still have other magical abilities that you can use, however.)

Known Sorcerers

The Iosan Sibyl
Oracle on the Run
Proprietress of the Dvaravat