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Jink Zolfen
Yb jink.JPG
Species: Selonian • Career: Hired Gun • Specializations: Marauder(1st), Force Emergent (2nd)
Motivations: Comrades

Morality: 55
Emotional Strengths: Bravery
Emotional Weaknesses: Obstinance
Duty: Support

Brawn 3 Agility 3 Intellect 2
Cunning 1 Willpower 3 Presence 1
General Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Astrogation (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Athletics (Brn) 1 (C)
Charm (Prs) - Spacer2.jpg Coercion (Will) 1 (C)
Computers (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Cool (Prs) -
Coordination (Agl) 1 Spacer2.jpg Deception (Cun) -
Discipline (Will) 1 (C) Spacer2.jpg Leadership (Prs) -
Mechanics (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Medicine (Int) -
Negotiation (Prs) - Spacer2.jpg Perception (Cun) -
Pilot:Planetary (Agl) - (C) Spacer2.jpg Pilot:Space (Agl) -
Resilience (Brn) 2 (C) Spacer2.jpg Skullduggery (Cun) -
Stealth (Agl) 2 Spacer2.jpg Streetwise (Cun) -
Survival (Cun) - (C) Spacer2.jpg Vigilance (Will) 2 (C)
Combat Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Brawl (Brn) 2 (C) Spacer2.jpg Gunnery (Agl) -
Lightsaber (Brn) - Spacer2.jpg Melee (Brn) - (C)
Ranged:Light (Agl) - (C) Spacer2.jpg Ranged:Heavy (Agl) -
Knowledge Skills
Skill (Char) Rating Spacer2.jpg Skill (Char) Rating
Core Worlds (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Education (Int) -
Lore (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Outer Rim (Int) -
Underworld (Int) - Spacer2.jpg Warfare (Int) -
Xenology (Int) - Spacer2.jpg
Toughened, Frenzied Attack, Feral Strength II, Indistinguuishable, Sleight of Mind I, Grit I, Touch of Fate
The Force
Force Rating: 2
Force Powers: Enhance (Base, Control (Resilience), Control (Brawl)
Soak: 3 • Armor: 2
Ranged Defense: 1 • Melee Defense: 0
Wound Threshold: 16 • Strain Threshold: 14
Experience Points
Earned: see below
Spent Experience
see below

"This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good." - "Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten." - Lilo & Stitch


Zolfen was born to a clan of selonian exiles on Lotho Minor in the Outer Rim. As a cub, he was exceptionally skilled at climbing and clamoring about the junk planet and avoiding the anacondan and junker natives. His force sensitivity was first discovered by a passing Jedi, after his failed attempt to steal the woman's laser sword drew him to her attention. She had returned him to his clan, informing them that arrangements had been made for him to be collected by the Jedi order and to prepare for his departure in a weeks time.

A sullustan pilot of the Jedi Service Corps named Viebbas landed days later. Zolfen was terrified to leave his clan, but they were eager to send him to what they hoped would be a better life for him than survival on a hostile trash planet. Viebbas comforted him, telling him of all the other younglings like him that were at the Jedi Temple on Curuscant. That he would always be surrounded by his new kin and his mentors.

Viebbas carried a tearful Zolfen onto his ship and departed Lotho Minor and plotted his course to Coruscant. Zolfen remembers with eerie clarity the holo-message that Ziebbas had received as they exited hyperspace near the Republic capitol planet. The robed human man, composed of flickering blue light. He looked weary and sad. But his words were urgent,

"This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: trust in the Force. Do not return to the Temple. That time has passed, and our future is uncertain. Avoid Coruscant. Avoid detection. Be secret... but be strong. We will each be challenged: our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere and, in time, I believe a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you always."

The image flickered out and Viebbas stared at empty air where it had been for long moments, his alien expression impossible for the selonian cub to interpret. He closed his eyes and breathed for a few moments, then set into motion, plotting a new course and the city planet visible in the distance vanished once again as they made the jump to hyperspace.

In the years to come, Zolfen would assume the nickname Jink, which means "tall" in Jawaese, given to him by Neeki, the Jawa mechanic working for the Sullust Resistance. The resistance became his home and Viebbas, the ex-Jedi Corps that had once been assigned simply to carry him to Coruscant, became his father. The woman he would come to see as his mother, was a sullustan woman named Dua Nunb. When he was young, she would care for him when Viebbas was away on missions. He would play with and spend days at a time with her own children, and the children of other absent parents. Viebbas, Dua Nunb, her children, Neeki and others among the resistance became his new family.

Always having aspired to one day be able to join his father on his missions, Jink sought training from an early age. Once deemed old enough, Jink began his training in order to join the resistance. Dua Nunb taught him the basics of hand to hand fighting, and even did research into selonian physiology and martial combat, digging up some holovids for him to use as a study template. Jink took what he would from the vids and modified it to his personal fighting style, preferring to augment his tail attacks with weighted rings and tail spikes - which had resulted in a numerous leg cuts and bruises at the time.

Jink was finally able to join his father on missions and they have been working together since.

Weapons & Gear

Encumbrance Threshold: xx/xx
Equipped: Kezimade Light Armor, Scanner Goggles, Backpack, Utility Belt, Kezi v1.1 Knucks, Knucks Holster, Talisman of the Steel Hand
Carried: Comlink, Breathmask, Datapad, Handscanner, Macrobinoculars, Binders, 2x Stimpaks, Grappling Gun
Stored (on ship): Heavy clothing, clothes, various styles of tail weights, photos and other personal effects, selonian combat holovids, music player with a collection of Jawa tang-tang and Sullustan du-bup music, string of junk-scavenged charms (the only possession he has from his selonian clan)

Kezimade Sinister Light Armor
+2 Soak, +0 Defense, 2 Encumbrance, 0 Hard Points, +1 Range Defense

Kezimade Sinister Knucks Version 1.1
Brawl/Agility; Damage 6 (Br+2+1), Engaged; 1 Automatic Advantage, +1 Boost, -1 Setback, Strain=Upgrade, Pierce 1, Crit 4, Hard Points 2

    • Superior Quality (Permanent)
    • Custom Grip (SM p54)
    • Crafting Results: 2 Triumphs, 2 Advantages


Dua Nunb
Combat Trainer • Sullust Resistance
Dua Nunb is a member of the Sullust Resistance, and probably the first person who wasn't Viebbas that Jink became close to. She began your training in unarmed combat, teaching you the basis, and then finding good holovids of Selonian combat styles to help you take advantage of your biological strengths. Dua Nunb is a mother, and frequently included you in playtime and the like, assuaging your Selonian longing to belong to a family unit without ever speaking of it.

Experience Points

  • Unspent Experiences: 0
  • Earned Total: 70
    • Session 1 (01.29.17): 10xp
    • Motivation: 5xp
    • Session 2 (02.12.17): 10xp
    • Session 3 (02.26.17): 15xp
    • Side Missions: 5xp
    • Motivation: 5xp
    • Session 4 (04.08.18): 15
    • Motivation: 5xp
    • Session 5 (05.20.18):
  • Spent Experiences: 70
    • Grit I (Force Emergent): 15xp
    • Touch of Fate (Force Emergent): 20xp
    • Force Rating (Force Emergent): 25xp
    • Feral Strength (Marauder): 10xp
  • Chargen: 140
    • (Racial 80 + Middle Morality 10 + Bonus 50)