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Ashen Ajanna & Warriz

Called also Ashen Ajanna and The Hills-Witch

  • Originally a child of a small Avvari hold that was butchered in retaliation for a raid. She hid and watched as they slaughtered everyone, and then tossed them into a nearby pit and burned them.
  • When other Avvari found her, she was down in the pit, wading amongst the ashes and bones, claiming to be looking for her mother, whose voice she had heard. When they removed her and washed her, her hair had turned entirely white.
  • A fey child growing up, given to talking to herself. She was also markedly distant as a result of how she was treated, generally retreating from the rest of the world rather than let them wound her with their supposition.
  • When her magic appeared, she fled the tribe, and abandoned the life of wandering that marks the Avvar culture.
  • She met Warriz when he came barking at her cave, calling her to come and aid a hunter, who had been gored badly by a stag. He lay dying, and she brought him back to her cave and eased his pain, but his wounds were mortal. Warriz has remained with her ever since.


Human Apostate


Communication +1 (Deception), Constitution +1, Cunning +1 (Healing, Natural Lore), Dexterity +1, Magic +3, Perception +0, Strength +1, Willpower +3 (Self-Discipline)


  • Trade Tongue

Other Traits

  • Defense: 11 (13 with Arcane Shield)
  • Speed: 11


  • Chiurgy: The arts of treating wounds and illnesses.
    • Novice: Heal is a minor action.

Mage Traits

  • Health: 26 • Mana: 14
  • Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves
  • Arcane Lance: Ranged magical attack with Magic (Arcane Lance). Range: 16 yds. Damage: 1d6 + Magic.
  • Magic Training: Understand and know how to cast spells.
    • Arcane Bolt: (Spirit, Attack, 2MP • Major Action, TN 10 • Dexterity (Acrobatic) vs. Spellpower) Bolt of arcane energy (30 yds), inflicting 2d6 damage, with bonus damage equal to casting roll's Dragon Die. If the target makes a successful test vs. Spellpower, spell inflicts only 1d6.
    • Heal: (Creation, Utility, 1-3MP • Major Action, TN 10) Heal by touch; for each Mana spent, heal target for 1d6 Health.
    • Arcane Shield: (Spirit, Defense, 4MP • Major Action, TN 14) Arcane aura that deflects attacks; Defense equals Spellpower (10+Magic+Focus) for one round (+1 round per additional MP spent).


  • Tattered Garments
  • Staff
  • Healing Kit
  • Skin of clean water
  • Flint & Steel
  • Edible mushrooms
  • Deep mushrooms

Leveling Up

  • 2nd Level: Health: +1d6 + Constitution; Mana: +1d6 + Magic; Ability: +1 Primary (Magic); Focus: Primary (Magic - Spirit); Other: Gain a new Spell (Fade Shield).
  • 3rd Level: Health: +1d6 + Constitution; Mana: +1d6 + Magic; Ability: +1 Secondary (Communication); Focus: Secondary; Other: Gain a new Talent (Spirit Magic, Novice).
  • 4th Level: Health: +1d6 + Constitution; Mana: +1d6 + Magic; Ability: +1 Primary; Focus: Primary; Other: Gain a new Spell (Rejuvenate), plus gain Spell Lance Stunt (3pt: cast a spell of less than 3 mana cost after striking with an arcane lance).
  • 5th Level: Health: +1d6 + Constitution; Mana: +1d6 + Magic; Ability: +1 Secondary (Communication); Focus: Secondary; Other: Gain a new Talent (Spirit Magic, Journeyman).