Beyond the Gates

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A D&D Next Beta Campaign
A Pathfinder Campaign

A D&D 4th Edition Campaign

Connections. Fate, inevitability, chance, whatever one wishes to call it or believe in. The cards are cast and these connections crafted in the past, present & future that will draw six individuals to find each other. Together they shall forge their own destinies and will possess the power to reshape and change the future of the world of Khadin.

Or not. We shall wait and watch the tale unfold.

Player Characters

  • Aidan Stormcrow, human warrior & humble blacksmith *cough* Emperor of Gir *cough*, played by Mandy
  • Barron, quarter-Nirish dwarven pantheon cleric of the people & pubcrawler, played by Keith
  • Bran the Blade, "human" urban ranger/skirmisher and Keeper of the Way of the Sanctified Blade, , played by Chris
  • Qos, Prince of Storms, Prince of the Court of Qassayah, played by Joe


  • Gerrin, Halfling rogue & rightful king of the world, the universe & everything, played by Eric
  • Melisandt, elven oracle & Primordial avatar, played by Michael

Former Player Characters

  • Marak Bolduum, dwarven cleric of the nameless, investigator & The Daughter's Right Hand, played by A.J.
  • Sorlandira Amneshai, elven wizard/magus, proud Knight of the REAL Order of Nine Stars, played by Joe

Campaign Resources

Key Locations


The lands of Khadin. Most of the "known world" is located between the northern Olora Moutnains and the southern Taren Mountains. This region is called Ilren and is home to the nations of Sedas, Gir, Hana and Kanith and the swamps of Kuth. North of the Olora Mountains is nothing but tundra and ice, dominated by savage gnolls and giants. South of the Taren Mountains is largely unexplored. To the east is the Green Vale, home of the halflings and far to the south was the once great port city of Al-Lorin, now an evil ruin haunted by the dead.