Bright Vaeteru

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The Gem of the North
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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign in the Forgotten Realms

Year of the Bow (DR 1354)

It is called "Twilight Vaeteru" so often because it exists in the liminal spaces of Waterdeep. But there are times - rare times to be sure - when Vaeteru's glamorous queer folk cannot help but stand in the spotlight. When glorious, strange, and even sometimes dangerous things happen, there is always a shake up. Fortunes and reputations are made and lost in those times, and eyes even outside of Vaeteru can see it for a brief shining moment.

There is a reason that one of the favorite swears of those who dwell here is "Bright Vaeteru" - spoken in the same way others say "Gods forbid" or something similar. Because it will always be difficult, when the eyes of the world turn toward Vaeteru, brightening it out of its comfortable twilight.

Fortunately, for those moments, Vaeteru has heroes of its own.

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • The Sumptuous Masque, a festhall and defacto "town hall" for Twilight Vaeteru in the Trades Ward