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Training Lightsabers
The salle domes always have an array of training lightsabers at their entrances, and students are encouraged to try using lightsabers other than those they are experienced with.
• Training Lightsaber: 2/5 HP • Dam 6, Crit - • Stun • Training Lightsaber Emitter
Training Shoto Lightsaber: 2/3 HP • Dam 5, Crit - • Accurate 1, Stun • Training Lightsaber Emitter
Training Double-Bladed Lightsaber: 2/4 HP • Dam 6, Crit - • Linked 1, Stun, Unwieldy 3 • Training Lightsaber Emitter
Training Lightsaber Pike: 2/3 HP • Dam 6, Crit - • Cumbersome 3, Defensive 1, Stun • Training Lightsaber Emitter
Training Guard Shoto Lightsaber: 2/3 HP • Dam 5, Crit - • Defensive 1, Deflection 2, Stun, Unwieldy 4 • Training Lightsaber Emitter
Training Praxeum Guard Lightsaber Pike: 2/3 HP • Dam 6, Crit - • Defensive 1, Linked 1, Stun, Unwieldy 3 • Training Lightsaber Emitter


Permitting movement quickly between the decks of the Chu'unthor, the elevator modules are all set up identically. Though one or more of the four archways leading into the module may be blocked off by walls, depending on the layout of the deck where the module is places, most of them lead either into buildings on the deck, or out onto the passageways of the deck in question.

Like the main passageways of the decks, elevator modules are scattered with garden nooks, providing surcease from the cold sterility of shipboard life as well as tangible connections to the Living Force, in alignment with Master Fin-So-Rowan's original design philosophy.

The modules are twenty meters across, with banks of glass facing outward that permit those in the elevators to see the decks as they pass through them. Passing through an archway, one comes to an outer bank consisting of twenty-four two-meter square elevators, with machinery controls in the corners of the module.

In the center of the module is a glass-fronted pillar with a single archway entrance and a flowing multi-level fountain surrounded by the eleven elevators of the interior pillar. Informal tradition tends to leave the faster central elevators for the use of Master Jedi, Naval command, heads of departments, ambassadors and other figures. Though there is no regulation mandating this use, the tradition is largely observed if there is no rush or crowding at the outer banks of elevators.

Meditation Domes

Like the elevator modules, the meditation domes of the Chu'unthor are ubiquitous, for the mighty praxeum ship was designed to uphold Jedi philosophies first and foremost. Therefore, it was ensured that there would always be quiet spaces for the purpose of meditation.

The prevailing tradition in these spaces is one of quiet. Visitors are enjoined to avoid conversation unless absolutely necessary, and to move with silence as much as possible.

Waters Rooms

Inspired by the great Room of Falling Waters in the Temple on Coruscant, each of the meditation domes has four side rooms that are taller than they are wide. Alone the two widest walls, water pours down onto specially designed nooks and protrusions, creating serenely trickling sounds in the room.

Many of the rooms also have small running streams cut into the floors, forcing visitors to step carefully and deliberately, and dividing the floor of the room into small individual islands where visitors may sit and meditate. Some of these patches are turned into miniature garden nooks, with vibrant plant life.

Central Dome

In contrast, the central domes are lit only by whatever illumination comes through the massive transparent domes above. A lower edge encircles the room of normal flooring, with a massive central dais a foot or so above it. This dais is covered in a soft cloth of various geometrical designs. This dais is never walked upon with anything but bare feet, and the surface itself has a slight give to it, making it comfortable to sit upon for long periods of time.

The designers of the Chu'unthor - and the masters who teach aboard it - maintain that the use of meditation while sitting beneath the thousand-thousand stars of the galaxy is an excellent way to transcend the body, passing through the Living Force and into the greater Universal Force beyond.

Teaching Domes

Roughly the size of four elevator or meditation modules put together, the teaching domes are the center for education that occurs aboard the Chu'unthor. Each one has three domes open to space above, four labs, plus 22 classrooms and 7 refreshers.

  • Classrooms: Ranging in size from very small (sufficient to hold a teacher and a few students) to those capable of holding two dozen or so learners, the classrooms are simple affairs, with central holoprojectors under the control of teachers for displaying of information. Generally speaking, students kneel on mats and use datapads while in class.
  • Labs: The labs are each generally set up to focus on single sciences each, from physics to engineering to biology to ecology, and the like. The back walls are lined with work tables and benches, and the central space has the same holo-projector found in the classrooms.
  • Salle Dome: This dome has a single purpose: combat training. Lightsaber forms are the order of the day here, although they sometimes see use for other styles, including unarmed combat. Students are permitted to work on their forms by themselves if they like, but sparring must always be done under the eye of a Jedi of at least Knight standing.
  • Symposium Dome: x
  • Teaching Dome: x