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|Image=[[Image:Vivian-blackstone-1.jpg|center|350 px]]
|Image=[[Image:Vivian-blackstone-1.jpg|center|350 px]]
|CharacterName=Vivian Blackstone
|CharacterName=Vivian "Leila" Blackstone

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Vivian "Leila" Blackstone
Virtue: Uplifting • Vice: Selfish • Aspirations:
Path: Mastigos • Order: x • Legacy: None • Cabal: x • Obsessions: Understand the Dark Room
Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Resolve 3
Strength 1, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Presence 2, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Mental: Academics 1, Investigation 4 (Codebreaking), Occult 1 Politics 1
Physical: Firearms 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 2 (Surveillance)
Social: Empathy 3, Expression 3 (Painting), Persuasion 1, Socialize 3, Subterfuge 2
Mental: Meditative Mind 2, Japanese 1, Trained Observer 3
Social: Barfly 2, Table Tuner 1, False Identity 2
Awakened: Dark Room 5, Dream 2, Supernal Watcher 2
Health: 7, Willpower: 6/6, Wisdom: 7, Size: 5, Speed: 8, Defense: 2 (Armor: 0), Initiative: 6
Mana: 10/1 • Yantras: 2 • Ritual Interval: 3 hours • Arcana Limits: 3/2 • Paradox: 1 • Combined Spells: 1
Obsessions: 1
Arcana: Mind 1, Space 2
Rotes: x
Praxes: (1)
Magical Tools: x
Counterspell: Mind & Space spells
Sympathetic Range: May cast a spell targeting someone out of sensory range.
Space Armor: Spend 1 mana to add [Space] to Defense, which maybe applied against firearms. When Dodging, spend 1 mana to redirect the attack against another applicable target, hitting with [Space] successes.
Song of the Sirin
Effects: The Sirin's song is the pumping of blood through veins, and the thrill of passion unleashed. Those affected by this Tilt gain a +1 to Presence tests.
Cause: Being in Viv's vicinity when she casts a spell, and having a Resolve lower than the nimbus' Power.
End: End of scene.
• Spend 1 Mana to activate Immediate Nimbus (roll Gnosis for Strength)
• Spend 1 Mana to deliberately place Signature Nimbus on person, place, or object.
Mage Sight
Warlock's Sight: Detect the presence of thinking beings, including what condition that mind is in (sleeping, comatose, awake, meditating, projecting out of body, etc); also able to sense when someone in sight gains or spends Willpower. Detect precise distances, range bands, and cover (allowing knowledge of mechanical bonuses/penalties), as well as spatial warps, scrying windows, and the presence of other spatial phenomena.
Peripheral: Always Active. Automatic sensory awareness of supernatural phenomena.
Active: Reflexive Action. Perceive Ruling Arcana phenomena for [Gnosis] minutes or one scene (1 Willpower); -2 to non-magic rolls while active. Instant Action. Spend 1 Mana/Arcanum to add a Common or Inferior Arcanum.
Focused: Used to engage in Scrutiny and Revelation of Mysteries.
Ruling Arcanum:
Other Abilities
Pattern Restoration: 3 Mana to heal 1B or 1L or 1 Mental Condition or 1 Physical Tilt
Pattern Scouring: Physical Attribute -1 or 1 resistant Lethal to gain 3 Mana
Current Conditions


Age: 64
DOB 2/13/1921

Downtime Life

  • 1976: Events of Maple Shade
  • 1977: x
  • 1978: x
  • 1979: x
  • 1980: Mt. St. Helens erupts.
  • 1981: Vivian Dies of lung cancer
  • 1982: x
  • 1983: x
  • 1984: Surprise bitch!



  • Virtue: Uplifting. Regain all spent Willpower when you motivate or uplift someone.
  • Vice: Selfish. Regain one spent Willpower when you look out for number one.
  • Aspirations:
    • find out what has happened to my friends and family
    • establish a new identity
    • Encounter a Fae creature
    • x
  • Obsessions:
    • Understand the Dark Room


  • Possessions: paintings, art supplies, art books
  • Weapons: service pistol
  • Other Notes: x


  • xxx

Merit Details

  • Japanese 1
  • Meditative Mind 2
  • Barfly 2
  • Trained Observer 3
  • Table Turner
  • False Identiy 2
  • The Dark Room 5
  • Dream 2 - Once per chapter, char can dig in dreams for answers to primordial truths
  • Supernal Watcher 2 - rank 1 entity, when you attempt to summon only requires 5 successes instead of 10, when activating mage sight can spend 1 pt of will to have it be present (functionally improves casting)

Friends and Family

  • x


Apartment xxx

A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Money: knows how to make "starving artist" look like "Bohemian Grande Dame"
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Caftans, scarves, fascinators, big jewelry
  • Communication: phone, in person
  • Food: basic when not entertaining
  • Housing: art and scarves and beaded curtains, incense always burning
  • Days: whatever
  • Evenings: she wants


1 Arcane Experience

3 floating Experience

0 practical experience

1 Pneuma used

Character Experiences
Current Beats: 3
Unspent Experiences: 5
Spent Experiences: x
Experiences Earned
Arcane Experiences
• Current Arcane Beats: x
• Unspent Arcane Experiences: 5
• Spent: x