Ecce Antiquo

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Journals of the Field Historical Society

Ex Antiquo, Consilium (From the Ancient, Wisdom)


The Year is 1932. Around the globe treasure seekers and archaeologists plumb the depths of ancient ruins, hoping to find the wonder that will make them famous. Explorers continue to push the boundaries of human civilization; making names like Howard Carter and Amelia Earhart household words. Occult groups such as the Thule Society and the Esoteric Order of Dagon seek mystical artifacts of ancient power, some of which date back to fabled Atlantis itself. No one knows what nefarious purposes these ancient artifacts might be put to if they fall into the wrong hands.

But not everyone seeks these treasures for their own benefit. Beneath the Field Museum of Natural History lies the Chicago Athenaeum, a storehouse of Atlantean lore and Artifacts dating back thousands of years. Run by the mages of the Field Historical Society, the Athenaeum seeks to locate and preserve objects of historical and magical value from around the world. Many of these artifacts are carefully preserved for the public to see, while those that are dangerous stored away from prying eyes. In this game you will play one of the daring members of the Field Historical Society.

Gamemaster: Tabrumj

Player Characters

Storyteller Characters

Campaign Resources

  • Athenaeum For details on the Chicago Athenaeum. Still a work in progress.
  • Rote Research, for finding rotes in the Athenaeum