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Greater Goddess of Fire, Healing, the Home
Also called Lady of the Hearth, Mother of the Home and First Nurturer
Cleric Domains
Life, Light
Tenets of Edyma
Edyma is depicted as sweetly curved and voluptuous, a woman of middling years old enough to be still beautiful but also have borne children. She is frequently depicted with a nursing babe cradled in one arm and a lantern in the other hand. She is often depicted with cauldrons, cats, loaves of bread and brooms nearby, as well.
The holy symbol of Edyma is the Empyrean Star crafted of copper, with a flame in its center. The symbols used by her faith are also brooms, cats, lanterns the center stone in a hearth and stones such as garnets and rubies. Edyma's favor in her champions manifests as a gust of heat, as though from standing too close to the fire, and a warm, merry radiance like the light from a hearth.
Brought into being shortly after Aevo, Edyma was created by the Primordials at the same time as her sister, Ulandira. It is said that when created, the two were actually one, whom theologists call the Divine Mother, but canny Aevo tricked the Primoridals into giving them so many divine gifts that they were forced to split into two goddesses to bear them all.
Brightvale (Heaven)
==Brightvale (Empyrean Heaven)==

The pastoral paradise of Brightvale is a vast, green rolling hill-lands, rich in cultivated fields and orchards. The souls who dwell here are happy, simple country folk who work those fields and gardens for the love of doing so. The agrarian angels that serve Edyma bring the winds of the different seasons to her realm. In contrast, at the outer edges of Brightvale, the hills become thickly overgrown and forested - the Darkenwold, realm of Edyma's wild sister Ulandira.

The Almanni Theocracy, the Lyraclesean Orthodoxy, the Rural Maternal Doctrine

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