Elaine Davies

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Elaine Davies (b. 4/13/1956)


Elaine is currently the curator of UMMA: The University of Michigan's Museum of Anthropology in Chicago, Illinois. Born to immigrant parents fleeing Poland during World War II, she was raised with a deep respect and thirst for her cultural heritage that extended into that of other peoples. Elaine attended The College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, Maryland on scholarship and continued her education at the University of Michigan where she recently attained Emeritus status while continuing her duties as curator.

Elaine has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia but has a more predominant taste for African studies. It was during a trip to Portugal when she dipped down in to Morocco for a weekend with traveling companions she met her future husband, Lt. Ronald Davies. A chance meeting with the Air Force flyboy produced a strong and fierce love that lasted until his death in 1996. He was 43 when he died in a plane crash over the Florida everglades on his way home from a fishing trip off the coast of Miami.