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Goddess of Love

Elbitaran PCs
  • Domains: Hope, Life, Love
  • Channel Divinity Feats: Power of Amaunator, Sehanine's Reversal, Arawai's Abundance, Shield of the Silver Flame, Chauntea's Blessing

Avengers of Elbitara


Clerics of Elbitara


Invokers of Elbitara


Paladins of Elbitara


Runepriests of Elbitara


Also called XXX

  • Portfolio: XXX
  • Depiction: XXX
  • Symbols: XXX
  • Origins: XXX

The Viridarium of Lovers (Empyrean Heaven)

The Viridarium (or Pleasure-Garden) of Lovers is the sacred realm of Elbitara. The weather here is always mild and beautiful, and the plantlife lavish and always in bloom. Here, those who devoted their lives to love may dwell in eternal bliss, and the courtesan-angels of Elbitara offer empyrean pleasures to the holy dead.

Known Factions