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Run By: Oakthorne

Player Characters

  • X

Near History Timeline

  • 2008: Following the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House was sworn in as President. Before she can even appoint a Vice President, however, an unknown assailant assassinates her. The President of the Senate pro tempore Robert Byrd becomes President under a firestorm of criticism and suspicion. When a major independent media outlet leaks suspicions that Byrd may have been responsible for the assassination of Pelosi, riots break out, and he declares martial law that lasts for 27 days in the month of April. Since 2008 is a campaign year, Byrd runs for office, and wins on a promise of extracting the United States from foreign affairs, while working to prove he is innocent of Pelosi’s murder.
  • 2009: True to his word, President Byrd orders the withdrawal of American forces from abroad, particularly the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He also effectively closes the United States borders, denying any and all immigration requests. Security into the nation is bolstered.

2010: Byrd establishes the Bureau of Sovereign Defense, a government agency that absorbs the NSA and elements of the CIA and FBI. In March of that year, Byrd also announces his resignation from the Democratic party, and the founding of the True Liberty Party. In August of that year, a sudden epidemic sweeps through the area around Chicago; a video declaration over the Internet claims this is the coordinated work by a cabal made up of several terrorist organizations. A similar outbreak occurs in Pittsburgh nearly a month later.

  • 2011: The FDA approves the immune-system booster called Depacin, which comes out of AIDS cure research, for public use. The drug is found to not only be an effective means of fighting normal illnesses such as colds, flus and similar ailments, but its boost is sufficient to allow a user’s immune system to fight off the bioterrorism agents used in recent days. The FDA rallies a variety of political figures in both the Democratic and Republican parties to push through legislation that requires medical services to provide Depacin, free of charge, to any U.S. Citizen that requests it. Though President Byrd threatens to veto the legislation, he accedes to the public outcry and signs the law. The Red Cross spearheads the administration of Depacin in workplaces, schools and as part of emergency medical services.
  • 2012: Game Begins