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Legal Name: Aaron Drexler
Metatype: Human, Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 43, Sex: Male, Height: 5' 11", Weight: 170 lbs.
Street Cred: 1, Notoriety: 3, Public Awareness: 0
Karma: 14, Total Karma: 14
Primary Lifestyle: Middle
Nuyen: ¥12490
Licenses: Conceal/Carry and Cyberdeck
Other Identities: Alan Parker - Consultant Fake SIN (Rating 4) w/ Conceal/Carry and Cyberdeck
Combat Info
Armor: Jacket (AR12) or Coat (AR9)
Ranged: Pistols 9
Melee: Knucks 4, Knife 3
Condition Monitors Physical: 9 Stun: 10 Overflow: 2
Body: 2, Agility: 3, Reaction: 3, Strength: 2
Willpower: 3, Logic: 6, Intuition: 4, Charisma: 4
Edge: 2, Essence: 5.6, Magic: -, Resonance: -
Initiative: 7+1D6, Matrix Initiative: 7+2D6/(DP+4+5D6), Astral Initiative: -
Composure: 7, Judge Intentions: 8, Memory: 9, Lift/Carry: 30kg+15kg/4D6, Movement: Walk 6, Run 12, Sprint +2m/hit
Physical Limit: 3, MentalLimit: 7, SocialLimit: 6
Active Skills:

Agility: Sneaking (Urban +2) 2, Pistols (Heavy +2) 2, Unarmed Combat 1
Reaction: Pilot Ground Craft 1
Charisma: Etiquette 5, Negotiation 2, Leadership 2, Intimidation 1
Intuition: Perception 5, Tracking 1
Logic: Computer 7, Software 7, Hardware 7, Cybercombat 7, Hacking 7, EWAR 5, First Aid 3, Chemistry 1

Knowledge Skills:
Academic (Log): Matrix Design 6, Physics 3, UCAS (History +2) 1
Professional (Log): Matrix Security Design (Intrusion Response +2) 9, Secured Matrix Locations 7, NEONet (IT Security +2) 6
Street (Int): Seattle Drug Dealers (BTL Dealers +2) 4, Police Procedures 3, Seattle Gangs 2, Crime Syndicates 2

Languages: English (N), Mandarin 2

Positive: Analytical Mind (5), Overclocker (5), Quick Reconfig (5), Prime Data Haven Membership Jackpoint (7)

Negative Qualities: Records on File (NEONet) (1), Mild BTL Addiction (4), SINNer (5), Bad Rep (7), Social Stress (8)
Datajack, Cybereyes (Smartgun, Flare Comp)
Jackpointer Connection: 6, Loyalty 4

NEONet Junior Executive Connection 6, Loyalty 3
Region BTL Distributor Connection 5, Loyalty 1
Fixer Connection 4, Loyalty 2
Gang Shockcollar Connection 3, Loyalty 2
Bonesaw Connection 2, Loyalty 3
BTL Dealer Connection 2, Loyalty 1

Commlink or Cyberdeck
Old Faithful
Suzuki Mirage Motorcycle

Character Bio/History

15 years go, G8Cr@shR was a name spoken in awe in the dark depths of the Matrix. For nearly a decade, he was involved in some of the greatest hacks of the time. Then, immediately following Crash 2.0 he fell off the grid. Occasionally he'd post in the elite hacker sites, but most people assumed that he'd been pinched by some government agency or Corp Division and he fell into obscurity.

What the world at large didn't know, however, was that Aaron Drexler had managed to lead a double life for nearly a decade, working as a highly valued programmer and security Spider for Novatech by day, and clandestine code-slinging at night. He had secured a nearly air-tight alter-ego. He was a respectable company man, with a wife and daughter, retirement account and comfortable condo, but his ego drove him into the shadows just to prove how good he really was.

All that changed when Novatech made its IPO. As one of the most skilled deckers on the company payroll, Aaron led the Matrix Security detail when Deus made it's move. For hours Aaron and his team faced hackers, and things far worse, in the virtual world. Despite his exceptional skills, Aaron watched in horror as his own code was shattered and its fragments thrown back at his team. Following the Crash, Aaron was left in a coma for over a week, and when he woke, he learned that his family had be killed when their plane went down as a direct result of Crash 2.0. The neurological damage from the attack left him with minor permanent brain damage, and makes it difficulty to interact socially when he's upset.

Afterward, his life spiraled out of control. Desperately wanting to relive his happiest moments with his beloved wife and daughter, Aaron began increasingly delving into BTL Chips, until his addiction became too obvious for Novatech to ignore, and his employment was terminated. To support his addiction, he turned to Shadowrunning but that career ended abruptly when he, while strung out from a BTL bender, failed to disable a secondary security system and the team he was running with were ambushed.

In the following years, Aaron struggled to keep his addiction in check, while eeking out a living. In the last few years, he has made some small progress in rebuilding his reputation, working as a freelance security and IT consultant under the name Alan Parker, while performing more clandestine and extralegal activities for several old contacts from his past as G8Cr@shR.

His once impressive decking equipment has long since become obsolete and his code-slinging skills are woefully out of date. Even so, he is still an exceptionally gifted hacker and there are few out there that understand the very foundations upon which the Matrix is built as he does.

Gear and Equipment

Weapons and Armor

Armored Jacked (AR12)
Lined Jacket (AR9)(Improves Concealment)

Ares Predator V (R): Acc 7 | Dam 8P | AP -1(-5) | Mode SA | Ammo 15

  • Silencer
  • 3 Clips
  • 5 Boxes Regular Ammo
  • 3 Boxes APDS

Reenforced Gloves: Acc 3 | Dam 3P
Survival Knife: Acc 5 | Dam 4P | AP -1


Modified Outdated Cyberdeck Novatech Navigator (R)

  • G8Cr@shR uses a trusted Cyberdeck that's well over a decade old. Once it was near state of the art, but years of tech advances have past it by. It lacks all the sleekness of modern devices, and until he hardwired a modern commlink into it, it completely lacked wireless capability at all. Still, its been heavily modified, allowing to continue to function into the modern wireless age.
  • Rating 3
  • Array 6/6/4/3 (+1 to any single Attribute)
  • Programs 3
    • Program List: All (G8Cr@shR has all programs from the CRB and Data Trails loaded on his Deck)
    • Agent (Rating 4)
    • Datasoft: Matrix Security, Police Procedures, Organized Crime
  • Modules: Multidimensional Processor (Hardwired), Vectored Signal Filter (Noise Reduction: 2) (Slotted)
  • Mod: Attribute Increase 5->6
  • Cable Tap, Receiver Dongle (Noise Reduction: 2)
  • Reconfig - Swap Array Attribute for another OR One Program for Another (May do this twice)

Sony Emperor w/ Hot-Sim (Rating 2)
Hermes Ikon w/ Sim Module (Rating 5) and Sub-Mic
Outdated SatLink (Rating 4)
White Noise Generator (Rating 6)
Directional Jammer (Rating 6) (F)
Directional Mic (Cap 5) with: Audio Enhance (Rating 3) and Spatial Recognizer
Laser Mic (Cap 3) (R) with: Audio Enhance (Rating 3)

B&E Gear

Autopicker (Rating 6) (R)
Keycard Copier (Rating 6) (F)
Maglock Passkey (Rating 6) (F)
Sequencer (Rating 4) (F)


Cybereyes (Rating 1)

  • Image Link
  • Camera
  • Smartgun Link +2 Dice to Firearms
  • Flare Comp

Datajack (Noise Reduction 1)

Lifestyles and Contacts

Aaron Drexler

Medical 1 Year DocWagon Gold
Cash 7500
Middle Lifestyle

  • Three Months


  • (Rating 4) Conceal and Carry (Ares)
  • (Rating 4) Operators Licence (Cyberdeck)

Alan Parker

Medical None
Cash 4990
Low Lifestyle

  • Three Months


  • (Rating 4) Conceal and Carry (Ares)
  • (Rating 4) Operators Licence (Cyberdeck)


The Smiling Bandit Jackpointer: Connection 6, Loyalty 4 - G8Cr@shR and the Smiling Bandit go way back, they've been online friends since the days before Crash 2.0. While they've never met in person, the two have exchanged information for nearly two decades.
XXX NEONet Junior Executive: Connection 6, Loyalty 3
Jered NW Region BTL Distributor: Connection 5, Loyalty 1 - Jered is a middle aged human male that works as a high level distributor and supplier to the BTL market in the SeaTac area. He and G8Cr@shR met through Needles, and the decker has done a fair bit of Matrix Running for Jered over the last decade.
Simon Fixer: Connection 4, Loyalty 2 - Simon is a middle aged human male mid-level Fixer operating in the Seattle area. He's one of the few Fixers in the area who was willing to work with G8Cr@shR following his early running debacle.
Hal the Hammer Gang Shockcollar: Connection 3, Loyalty 2 - Hal is a Male Orc who runs one of the local crews for the Cutters. G8Cr@shR set up their network security as a favor to Simon several years back, allowing Hal to better coordinate with the rest of the Cutters area operations.
Bonesaw Streetdoc Connection 2, Loyalty 3 - Bonesaw is an old Troll that operates a small clinic. While Bonesaw isnt the poor man's actual name, G8Cr@shR gave the tired old Doc his nickname years ago and it stuck.
Needles BTL Dealer: Connection 2, Loyalty 1 - G8Cr@shR and Needles dont haven't had the best relationship since the Hacker went clean, as G8Cr@shR was one of his best clients. The dealer introduced G8Cr@shR to Jered when the deckers BTL addiction was at it's peak, and the favor proved fruitful for all involved.
Butch Jackpointer Doctor: Connection 4,Loyality 2


Life Module
Nationality: UCAS Seattle (15)
Formative: Corp Drone (40)
Teen: High School (50)
Education: State College (65)
Real Life: Corp (Hacker) (100)
High Profile Hack (100)
PI (100)
Positive Qualities (11)
Negative Qualities Buyout (10)
Negative Qualities (+20)
Cash 342k (171)
Attributes (60)
Skills (4)
Contacts (44)