Grimoire Merits

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Grimoire (• to •••••)

Prerequisites: Library 1+

Effect: Perhaps one of the greatest treasures of the Awakened is the grimoire, a tome infused with magic that allows it to express the ineffable. In mere words, it grants understanding of the techniques by which mortal actions might be infused with the Supernal.

You possess such a tome, containing a variety of written rotes. It is assumed to be a legacy from your early years of apprenticeship to a mage of your Order; increase the cost of the Merit by +• if its rotes are of another Order. The precise number and power of the rotes within it is based on its rating.

The rating of the Grimoire indicates the power level of the rotes within. Rotes are "purchased" with this system based on the spells they are based on.

  • A one-dot Grimoire has 3 points worth of rotes, none of which may be higher than Initiate level.
  • A two-dot Grimoire has 6 points worth of rotes, none of which may be higher than Apprentice level.
  • A three-dot Grimoire has 10 points worth of rotes, none of which may be higher than Disciple level.
  • A four-dot Grimoire has 15 points worth of rotes, none of which may be higher than Adept level.
  • A five-dot Grimoire has 30 points worth of rotes, which may be up to Master level.

Purchasing a rote for a conjunctional effect costs a number of points equal to the combined ratings of the spells involved, plus an additional point for every spell past the first in the conjunctional rote. Thus, a rote for a Life •/Matter ••/Space •• rote costs 7 points (5 for the combined ratings, +2 for the two spells past the first).

Many Grimoires are also enchanted to resist damage or to grant actual magical abilities. The mage who wishes to possess such a Grimoire must also purchase the Enhanced Item or Imbued Item Merits, which are combined with this Merit to form the final tome.

This Merit may be taken multiple times. Each time, it applies to a different book.

Note: A Library of ••• grants the equivalent of a Grimoire •. A Library rating of ••••• grants the equivalent of a Grimoire ••. These rotes are not concentrated into a single book, however; they are scattered in and among the journals and occult texts possessed by the mage.

Literary Thaumaturge (•••)

Effect: You are tremendously skilled at following the instructions for rotes from a grimoire. When casting a rote that you already know from a grimoire, your casting of that spell gains the Rote Action benefit (see World of Darkness Rulebook, p.134).