Imperial Legions

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Imperial Legions Organization
  • At full strength, an imperial legion consists of 5000 front-line infantry soldiers.
    • Each Legion is divided into 10 Dragons of 500 men each. In a traditional Legion, there are 4 dragons of Heavy Infantry and 6 Dragons of Medium Infantry.
      • Each Dragon is divided into two Wings (250 men each).
      • Each Wing is divided into two Talons (125 men each).
      • Each Talon is divided into five Scales (25 men each).
      • Each Scale is divided into five Fangs (5 men each).
    • A full-strength Legion has 300 officers: its general, 10 dragonlords, 20 winglords, 40 talon-captains (called talonlords when they are Dragon-Blooded), 200 scale-lieutenants (called scalelords when they are Dragon-Blooded), 1000 fang-lieutenants (called fanglords when they are Dragon-Blooded). It also includes a handful of other officers, such as the Quartermaster, the Chief Engineer and its Chief Sorcerer.
      • Each officer of winglord rank or higher also has a subaltern.
  • A traditional Legion also incorporates a Legion's Support, made up of 2500 troops:
    • Quartermaster's Wing: A baggage and supply train, tended by slaves and guarded by a wing of medium infantry under command of the Quartermaster.
    • Skirmishers: four Talons of lightly armored skirmishers. Two of these are usually Imperial light infantry. The others are usually drawn from local military forces, pressed into Imperial service.
    • Archers: two Talons of archers. These are Imperial citizens trained in the use of the bow.
    • Slingers: four Talons of slingers. This is a term for "local missile troops," and may range from actual slingers to spearmen to those who use more specialized ranged weaponry.
    • Light Cavalry: three Talons of light cavalry. These are always coopted from local military.
    • Heavy Cavalry: one Talon of heavy cavalry. These are always coopted from local military.
    • Camp Guard: two Talons of camp guard. These are always Imperial light infantry.
    • Engineers: two Talons of engineering crew. These are always Imperial engineers.
    • Sorcerer's Guard: a Talon of soldiers to defend the Legion's sorcerers and thaumaturges. These are usually a mix of medium infantry (2 Scales worth), light skirmishers (2 Scales worth) and Imperial archers (1 Scale worth)
  • Some Legions include specialized troops, as well.
    • Warstrider Fangs: Groups of five warstriders, usually with a Scale of dedicated engineers to tend to them.
  • Legions are usually divided into flights, groupings of Dragons, each under the command of the senior-most Dragonlord in the flight.
    • Forward Flight: 3 Dragons of heavy infantry, 2 Dragons of medium infantry, X
    • Reserve Flight: 3 Dragons of heavy infantry, 2 Dragons of medium infantry, X
    • Harrier Flight: 2 Dragons of skirmishers & artillerists, under the command of the General himself.

The Imperial Legions

  • The Silent Legion: The Throne; Imperial Province, Blessed Isle
  • 2nd: House Mnemon ; XXX
  • 3rd: House Cathak; Tuchara, Blessed Isle
  • 5th: House Tepet; Lord's Crossing Dominion, Blessed Isle (partial Legion only)
  • 8th: (Former Tepet Legion)
  • 9th: House Cynis; Pangu, Blessed Isle
  • 12th: House Cathak; The Lap, the South
  • 13th: House Mnemon ; XXX, Blessed Isle
  • 14th: House Ledaal; Western Dragon Coast, the North
  • 18th: House Sesus; XXX
  • 19th: House Cathak; Travels, as hired help to assist other Houses' satrapies and projects
  • 20th: House Ragara; An-Teng, the South
  • 23rd: House Cathak; Greyfalls, Scavenger Lands
  • 25th: House Sesus; XXX
  • 27th: House Mnemon ; XXX
  • 29th: House Cathak; Chiaroscuro, the South
  • 31st: House Cynis; XXX
  • 33rd: House Mnemon ; XXX, Blessed Isle
  • 34th Legion: House V'neef; Varang City-States, the South
  • 38th: (Former Tepet Legion)
  • 40th: House Ledaal; Arjuf Dominion, Blessed Isle
  • 42nd: (Former Tepet Legion)
  • 45th: House Peleps; Sdoia, Blessed Isle
  • 47th: House Cathak; Harborhead, the South
  • 49th: House Sesus; Eagle, Blessed Isle
  • 51st: House Sesus; XXX
  • 57th: House V'neef; Qishi, Blessed Isle
  • 59th: House Ragara; Chanos, Blessed Isle
  • 62nd: House Cathak; XXX
  • 64th: House Sesus; XXX
  • 69th: House Sesus; Paragon, the South
  • 71st: House Peleps; Eastern Dragon Coast, the North
  • 75th: House Cathak; Travels, as hired help to assist other Houses' satrapies and projects
  • 79th: House Ragara; XXX
  • Vermilion Legion: The Throne; Southwestern Wastes, the South

Legions, by Locale

  • The Blessed Isle: Silent Legion (Imperial Province), 3rd (Tuchara), 5th (Lord's Crossing), 9th (Pangu), 13th (XXX), 33rd (XXX), 40th (Arjuf), 45th (Sdoia), 49th (Eagle), 57th (Qishi), 59th (Chanos)
  • The North: 14th (Western Dragon Coast), 71st (Eastern Dragon Coast)
  • The Scavenger Lands: 23rd (Greyfalls)
  • The East: XXX
  • The South: 12th (The Lap), 20th (An-Teng), 29rd (Chiaroscuro), 34th (Varangia), 47th (Harborhead), 69th (Paragon), Vermilion Legion (Southwest)
  • The West: XXX
  • Travels: 19th, 75th

Legions, by House

  • The Throne: The Silent Legion (Blessed Isle), the Vermilion Legion (The South)
  • House Cathak: 3rd, 12th, 19th, 23rd, 29th, 47th, 62nd, 75th
  • House Cynis: 9th, 31st
  • House Iselsi: None
  • House Ledaal: 14th, 40th
  • House Mnemon: 2nd, 13th, 27th, 33rd
  • House Nellens: None
  • House Peleps: 45th, 71st
  • House Ragara: 20th, 59th, 79th
  • House Sesus: 18th, 25th, 49th, 51st, 64th, 69th
  • House Tepet: 5th (partial) 8th, 38th, 42nd (recently destroyed)
  • House V'neef: 34th, 57th